Our Boys

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our little boy's all grown up!

A few weeks ago, Brett and I headed to WashPa (Washington, PA for those of you not for familiar) for the weekend. Ben's senior rec game was on Friday night and we couldn't miss it. We arrived Thursday night after only minor delays at the airport. Friday was a gorgeous day! We managed to squeeze in a quick run and had a little fun in the backyard with Scotty before the game. He taught both Brett and I how to shoot a bow and arrow. I think he may have given Brett a small desire to kill something. Not me though...all I did was put a whole in the shed!
The game was great - they beat Ringgold 24-10! Ben looked HUGE in his pads...not like mom and dad's little boy any more!Saturday we went to the Strip District to get our coffee fix for while. I think I could fly to Pittsburgh and back just to stock up on coffee. There are two stores that have the greatest flavors of whole bean coffee ever!

Of course a trip to the Strip was only complete after a sandwich at Primanti Bros.!
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