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Monday, February 28, 2011

Start of the 3rd Trimester Brain Dump

So I am week behind but we have hit another pregnancy milestone - the third trimester! Yep! Last Tuesday we are officially 28 weeks pregnant and in the home stretch. Now, sooner rather than later, this little person will making his/ her debut to the world and we can't wait!

I think Brett and I are both starting to feel the time crunch. While May 17 seems like far away when you take into account all the things going on between now and then and all the things we need to get done, time seems quite precious now.

Here's my brain dump for today...
  • Here I am 29 (as of Tuesday, 3/1) weeks pregnant.

  • We have a our first prenatal class this weekend.This one is an overview with a tour of the hospital and a Q and A session.
  • I finished replacing the knobs on the dresser. The new ones seem a little too modern for this old piece but I like the brushed silver so much better and they are functional. It will work.

  • Brett helped me for several hours in the kitchen. Not what you think. There was no cooking taking place. Instead, we removed almost everything from every cupboard and tried to rearrange/ organize better in preparation for all of the new baby kitchen items soon to come. Our kitchen is terrible in terms of space and functionality.

  • I made this Sausage, Pepper, and Onion Pizza from Rachael ray's magazine for dinner last night. It was different. I used Italian chicken sausage form Trader Joe's and it was quite tasty. This picture is clearly from her website and not of my actual pizza - I have trouble taking pictures of food lately. I am far to hungry to put off the the satisfaction for a picture.
  • There is a substitute sitting in our office right now couching so loud I think he might need help. When he finished coughing, he farted. I giggled. I might be 5 years old.
  • Winter...I am done with you.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby To Do List

I would first like to take this moment to thank our Presidents. Because of those wonderful men that have come before me, I get to stay home in my jammies all day cuddling with my fur babies and the future star of "So You Think You Can Dance" growing inside me (Brett and I wish we were millionaires and could afford our own ultrasound machine to watch just exactly what this little thing does in there to make my belly move like it does!).

So as I sit hear on the couch, sipping coffee, Today show on in the background (how COULD you take the day off Matt and Meredith?), and finally catching up on my blog reading, I think I need a Baby To Do List. Not that I plan on checking anything off of that list today, but a list would at least let me see what I would like to accomplish over the next 12 or less weeks.
  • We did not purchase a new dresser for BB's room, but rather will use the antique that we have from Brett's grandmother. I had previously painted it black and antiqued it, so that will still work but I would like to change the drawer pulls. So that will require removing the hardware, filling the holes because they are not standard, and then reattaching the replacement hardware.

  • Wipe out the dresser and put in drawer paper to start filling with all the abby stuff taking over the room. Any suggestions on where to find neat paper would be appreciated...I'm not digging the weird stuff at Target/ Wal Mart intended for your Grandmother's kitchen.
  • Finish spray painting the wooden curtain rods for BBs room and then get curtains hung.
  • Clean and organize kitchen - this involves taking everything out of every cabinet, wiping them down and reorganizing.
  • Take down and store the bed in what is the spare bedroom but will be BB's room. We can do this now because we finally ordered our new couch for the basement and....it's a SLEEPER!!!! Delivery is March 5 and I can't wait to post a picture.
  • Begin freezing meals for after baby is born.
  • Decide on a few decorations to purchase from Etsy for BBs room. Here's one that we are considering - don't get excited...it comes in pink and blue, it's just shown in pink :-)

  • Reorganize laundry room. In desperate need of some better storage!

  • Purchase either bookshelf or cubby storage and a glider chair for BBs room. I'm hoping to find a glider on Craigslist and then my plan is to just paint it since I can't seem to find the right color.

  • Final sweep of the house for stuff to take to our favorite donation location.
I know this list might seem kind of funny, but this is where my brain is at right now. Anyone want to come over and help?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pregnancy Confessions

I have a confession to make - I LOVE being pregnant. I love every single thing about it. I love when I burp and food comes up with that burp. I love being so uncomfortable on the couch at night that I turn from side to side to side 400 times. I love walking into my closet and not being able to wear 90% of the clothes hanging in there. I love the taste of Tums. I love getting tired at 8:30 and falling asleep in the middle of a TV show. I love the disgusting smell of my prenatal vitamins. I love that yesterday I had to drink 10 ounces of the worst tasting fluid ever and then have my blood taken 1 hour later to see if I possibly have diabetes. I love that my back and my left side hurt. Yeah....I love everything about being pregnant.

While Brett and I only had to try for six months for this sweet baby, each of those months that we weren't pregnant brought tears to my eyes. We in no way went through any ordeal to conceive like so many people. I say prayers for those people every day because to me, being pregnant is the greatest gift I have ever received.

My real confession should be that while I love being pregnant, I don't think I am good at it. I am sure I don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. I probably don't drink enough water. I certainly don't exercise like I should. I can become obsessed with reading online what horrible thing could happen to our baby. But, I don't think I could love this baby inside of me any more. This sweet thing has a personality of its own already. Today in the middle of teaching, I grabbed my side in pain. It was not an "Oh my gosh something is happening" kind of pain, it was a "please for the love of all that is good stop poking me from the inside" kind of pain. It seriously hurt and I loved every second of it because it is one more thing that makes this baby a person, a real live living human being.

For the first several weeks of being pregnant, I simply loved being pregnant. Then I was scared. Not about the baby but because I was afraid that I wasn't sure I actually wanted a baby. I thought maybe I had gotten caught up in wanting to be pregnant that I had ignored the fact that pregnancy only lasts for 9 months and a baby forever. Those fears have certainly been calmed and I can't wait for this baby to arrive. I can't wait to hold BB in my arms as I see that proud Papa look on Brett's face.
Sweet baby, we love you and can't wait for you to get here...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh the Blizard of 2011

I know everyone is pretty much over the blizzard, but I was just looking through pictures and I still can't get over how buried our house was....and how buried the car was... and how beautiful our street looked.... and how funny I look posing as "Brett's snow bunny"....and here's the snow already building the night before!

Stay warm, freinds!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


While everything around here seems to be in reference to the unusually large amount of snow - approximately 20 inches - Snow M G was my favorite reference! Tuesday night when all this started, it was the first thing I said to Brett after picking him up at the train station. He thinks I'm funny! So while everyone by now has heard that, yeah, we got a lot of snow, I will tell you how my experience with blizzard 2011 started out.

Monday afternoon, our school announced that we would be getting out at 1:18 the following day to allow students and staff extra travel time home since that was about when the blizzard was going to hit. I was not in school that day, but rather at a training. Well, our "trainers" couldn't decide whether we were getting out early, working through lunch, etc. The decision was made to work through lunch( I was not one who voted for this option seeing as though I need to eat every few hours and I had already grazed my way through all of my snacks) and then we would get out at 1:30. well, by 1:00 everyone had received texts that their respective schools were already canceling for the next day and so we were worse than elementary kids on Halloween. They let us go around 1 and I made 2 stops on the way home. I pulled in my driveway at about 2:10 and by this point, it was an all out blizzard. I couldn't tell exactly how much it was snowing because it was blowing so dang hard. So I get out of the car with my purse (AKA very large bag with everything I would need for the whole day), three grocery bags, coffee mug and keys. I get to the front door...insert key...turn...push down on handle. Nothing. Try again. Nothing. Put bags back in car. Try again. Nothing. Tray again. Nothing. Try kicking the door. Nothing.

Well, our front door has been sticking and we knew it probably needed replaced but those things are pricey so we'd been putting it off.

So there I stand - 6 months pregnant, starving, I have to pee, there is a blizzard going on around me and the STINKING FRONT DOOR WON'T OPEN. So, I did what any rational person would do, I started to think of ways that i could break into the house, weighing the cost of various things I intended to break. In the end, I called Brett who looked up a locksmith and got someone to come and take the lock apart and let me in. Unfortunately, it took him almost an hour to get to our house and another hour to get the lock open. So, at 4:15ish, I finally got into the house.

Additional notes to this story - the dogs barked the ENTIRE two hours that I could not get in (Tucker was hoarse) and the man opening the door shows 4 inches of plumber's crack every time he bent over. You would think he would have dressed better knowing there was a blizzard coming.
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