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Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby To Do List

I would first like to take this moment to thank our Presidents. Because of those wonderful men that have come before me, I get to stay home in my jammies all day cuddling with my fur babies and the future star of "So You Think You Can Dance" growing inside me (Brett and I wish we were millionaires and could afford our own ultrasound machine to watch just exactly what this little thing does in there to make my belly move like it does!).

So as I sit hear on the couch, sipping coffee, Today show on in the background (how COULD you take the day off Matt and Meredith?), and finally catching up on my blog reading, I think I need a Baby To Do List. Not that I plan on checking anything off of that list today, but a list would at least let me see what I would like to accomplish over the next 12 or less weeks.
  • We did not purchase a new dresser for BB's room, but rather will use the antique that we have from Brett's grandmother. I had previously painted it black and antiqued it, so that will still work but I would like to change the drawer pulls. So that will require removing the hardware, filling the holes because they are not standard, and then reattaching the replacement hardware.

  • Wipe out the dresser and put in drawer paper to start filling with all the abby stuff taking over the room. Any suggestions on where to find neat paper would be appreciated...I'm not digging the weird stuff at Target/ Wal Mart intended for your Grandmother's kitchen.
  • Finish spray painting the wooden curtain rods for BBs room and then get curtains hung.
  • Clean and organize kitchen - this involves taking everything out of every cabinet, wiping them down and reorganizing.
  • Take down and store the bed in what is the spare bedroom but will be BB's room. We can do this now because we finally ordered our new couch for the basement and....it's a SLEEPER!!!! Delivery is March 5 and I can't wait to post a picture.
  • Begin freezing meals for after baby is born.
  • Decide on a few decorations to purchase from Etsy for BBs room. Here's one that we are considering - don't get excited...it comes in pink and blue, it's just shown in pink :-)

  • Reorganize laundry room. In desperate need of some better storage!

  • Purchase either bookshelf or cubby storage and a glider chair for BBs room. I'm hoping to find a glider on Craigslist and then my plan is to just paint it since I can't seem to find the right color.

  • Final sweep of the house for stuff to take to our favorite donation location.
I know this list might seem kind of funny, but this is where my brain is at right now. Anyone want to come over and help?

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Anonymous said...

Marissa, use wallpaper to line the drawers. The sky's the limit. Have fun!

. . . and so glad that the new couch will be a sleeper. Room for us to come and visit. Keep feelin' good. Love you and Brett and BB.

Aunt Z

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