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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Few Favorite Pregnancy Items (WARNING: a bare belly pic is involved)

Now these things are by no means necessary to get through a pregnancy. I am, however, fortunate enough to have a super excited husband who can't wait to be a daddy and is doing everything he can to make it easier on me. He told me one day that he had bought the baby and I a few gifts and that they would be delivered soon. All I can say is...he done good!
  • Belly Buds: Specialized "head phones" that stick to you pregnant belly and adjust the volume of music so it is not too loud for baby. Since Brett and I are both very into music, we felt it was important for the baby to be exposed to some of our favorites ahead of time, mainly Dave Matthews. The baby has however already "attended" two Dave concerts. The neat thing about Belly Buds, is that they have a website that you can send invitations to family members to record messages to the baby. When we were home for Christmas my mom recorded herself singing to the baby. My only complaint is that you can't download the recordings so you have to plug the headphones into your computer. I think it is just easier to make your own audio file. Anyway, we created a lay list so that I can sit at night and the baby can listen to my iTouch!
  • Snoogle Pillow: This is a MUST HAVE. I honestly don't think I could sleep with out it. It is a pillow with a hook shape at the top, long straight body part and then a curled bottom. It fits my body so perfectly and helps to ensure that I sleep on my side. A lot of women at this stage in their pregnancy struggle to get a good nights sleep. I don't attribute it all to the snoogle but so far I am having the opposite problem. I feel great but when it's time to go to bed, I have no problem!!!! Brett ordered my pillow from Amazon, but I saw something similar at Babies R Us.


  • Prenatal Yoga DVD: I must confess that I have been VERY lazy so far during my pregnancy. Fortunately, my weight has not suffered but I know that it is good for both me and the baby to get some physical activity. Brett realizing that I was struggling with this ordered me a prenatal yoga DVD. I tried it recently for the first time and I love it. It is broken into practices by trimester and then special symptoms (morning sickness, sleeplessness, back pain).
And most of all, the one best thing to have while being pregnant - this guy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What up on this chiiiiiillllllyyyyy Friday?

I have been off work since December 23, you would think I would have made a little time for more blogging, but nope. So, please excuse this jumbled mess of thoughts going through my head.
  • Planning for a baby is overwhelming. Brett and I registered at both Target and Babies R Us and while I sort of know what we need, it is a very overwhelming feeling trying to decide exactly which nail clippers will be best for your baby! HAHA! I know, I know....women have been having babies for a long time with a fraction of the stuff we will be blessed to have. This being our first baby, though, I want everything to be perfect.
  • We know the sex of the baby. We have told our immediate families, but that's it....IT'S KILLING ME!!!!!!! I am so excited I just want to tell the world - which would be why I told the lady on the phone with the insurance company this morning and the cashier at Whole Foods.
  • Speaking, of knowing the sex, we picked out bedding which is what the theme of the nursery will be. I am not a them-ey sort of person, so it is basically just the color scheme. We will get a few pieces from the bedding set and then coordinate from there.
  • Last night, I made dinner....twice, because the first was not edible. I wanted to try this delicious looking lemon pasta from Pioneer Woman. I got the sauce all done (with no lights on in the kitchen) and when I turned the overhead stove light on, there were blue chunks in the white sauce. I am truly at a loss for an explanation and no the sour cream was not moldy.
  • I would really like to go away for a long weekend, preferably someplace warm. Unfortunately, if I wait until Spring break, I will be 33 weeks pregnant (WHAT????) and I don't want to travel at that point. Soooo, I am looking for a long weekend relatively soon and relatively cheap. Any ideas? Anyone want to come? Oh, Brett is most likely going on a golfing trip with his buddies in Florida, so I may be counting him out on this trip....just kidding, honey! But seriously, anyone want to go somewhere???
  • All I want to eat is cookies, cake, brownies...you get the picture!
  • As I said at the beginning, I have been off work since December 23 and go back this Monday. I know that most people will have no sympathy for me whatsoever, but I really don't want to go back. I love being home with these sweet things. I love sipping coffee in the morning, baking warm muffins, being caught up with laundry and having a semi-clean house.
  • My brother bought this for the baby for Christmas....the baby is a Steelers fan already!

Happy Friday, friends!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Look Ahead

Here it is, January 1, 2011. I am curled up on our couch with both puppies under my blanket, each cuddling up to a leg. The Christmas tree lights are on, Brett is snoozing away in the bedroom, and the wind is blowing furiously outside. There is a baby wiggling inside of me (probably because of the M&M cookie I just ate for breakfast). I couldn't feel more blessed. It seems that every time I turn around I read or a hear a story of heartache. Of truly good people that have bee thrown into a whirlwind of suffering - death, sickness, loss, infertility, etc. You get the picture. While Brett and I have surely had our ups and downs in the past 5+ years, I feel that we have come through stronger and more faithful than ever. We are so blessed in ways I couldn't even have imagined.

I don't know what 2011 will bring. It will hopefully bring a healthy baby into our life. It will hold moments of sheer joy that we wish we could hold onto forever. There is a chance that it could bring sadness because we don't always know what God has in store. Whatever 2011 will hold, I know that it is all part of our plan. I have always held deep in my heart that there is a reason for everything, that nothing comes by chance. 2011 will be no different.

Happy New Year!

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