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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Few Favorite Pregnancy Items (WARNING: a bare belly pic is involved)

Now these things are by no means necessary to get through a pregnancy. I am, however, fortunate enough to have a super excited husband who can't wait to be a daddy and is doing everything he can to make it easier on me. He told me one day that he had bought the baby and I a few gifts and that they would be delivered soon. All I can say is...he done good!
  • Belly Buds: Specialized "head phones" that stick to you pregnant belly and adjust the volume of music so it is not too loud for baby. Since Brett and I are both very into music, we felt it was important for the baby to be exposed to some of our favorites ahead of time, mainly Dave Matthews. The baby has however already "attended" two Dave concerts. The neat thing about Belly Buds, is that they have a website that you can send invitations to family members to record messages to the baby. When we were home for Christmas my mom recorded herself singing to the baby. My only complaint is that you can't download the recordings so you have to plug the headphones into your computer. I think it is just easier to make your own audio file. Anyway, we created a lay list so that I can sit at night and the baby can listen to my iTouch!
  • Snoogle Pillow: This is a MUST HAVE. I honestly don't think I could sleep with out it. It is a pillow with a hook shape at the top, long straight body part and then a curled bottom. It fits my body so perfectly and helps to ensure that I sleep on my side. A lot of women at this stage in their pregnancy struggle to get a good nights sleep. I don't attribute it all to the snoogle but so far I am having the opposite problem. I feel great but when it's time to go to bed, I have no problem!!!! Brett ordered my pillow from Amazon, but I saw something similar at Babies R Us.


  • Prenatal Yoga DVD: I must confess that I have been VERY lazy so far during my pregnancy. Fortunately, my weight has not suffered but I know that it is good for both me and the baby to get some physical activity. Brett realizing that I was struggling with this ordered me a prenatal yoga DVD. I tried it recently for the first time and I love it. It is broken into practices by trimester and then special symptoms (morning sickness, sleeplessness, back pain).
And most of all, the one best thing to have while being pregnant - this guy!


Emmy said...

I had a snoogle when pregnant with Jake---I loved it for awhile, then as I started getting hot at night, I got really irritated with it. I wanted to keep it in bed because it helped my back, but one night I was so angry, I called it names & threw it across the room. I'm not proud of that moment, but things were never the same between me & Mr. Snoogle again.....

Jill said...

I just came across your blog, congrats on your pregnancy. I will be following along ! :)

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