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Thursday, December 30, 2010

20 weeks until BB Arrives

First, I should explain that ever since Brett and I found out that we were pregnant, I hated the idea of not having something to call the baby. Brett and I started joking around calling each other Baby Mama and Baby Daddy so the baby naturally turned into Baby Baby. That didn't exactly roll off the tongue so we shortened it to BB and it has stuck. When I talk to the baby or about the baby I refer to him/ her as BB.

Tuesday marked a pretty big milestone in our pregnancy - half way! It also marked our big ultrasound. Fortunately, Brett was able to go into work late so that he could come to the appointment with me.

Due to some concerns throughout this is actually our third ultrasound. We just had one three weeks ago, but it is still amazing every time we see that little baby moving around on the screen. Even more amazing, is that the baby is so small but all of it's important parts are visible. We have seen its bran, spine, vertebrae, stomach, heart, fingers, toes, jaw, nose, eyes, etc.

We also found out at this ultrasound that our baby is a little big - 14 ounces! They aren't changing my due date because it could certainly even out, but apparently my big appetite is going straight to BB. And maybe a little to my stomach, thighs and hips!

The best part of being pregnant so far has just happened in the past few weeks - we have been able to feel the baby move. I felt some things at first that I suspected were the baby, but in the past 2 weeks, I am sure. Brett and my Mom have even been lucky enough to catch some pretty good kicks and last night I saw my stomach move during one the those big kicks! It is the most amazing thing in the world to feel this little thing wiggling around and know that before we know it, she/he'll be wiggling in our arms!

Christmas 2010

I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone already. It seems like every year that time between putting up the tree and feeling all of the excitement of the season and the time to take down the tree gets shorter and shorter. I can't even imagine what next year will be like with a baby!

20 Week Baby Bump
As always we traveled to PA to spend the holiday with my family. We didn't leave until the afternoon of the 23rd because I worked up until then. Brett and I cooked my Mom our now traditional Birthday/ Christmas Eve meal, although she had done most of the prep work. We had one of Brett's delicious turkeys and some yummy corn casserole and mashed potatoes.
Christmas morning was wonderful. I love how everything we do over the holidays has become predictable. Not in a bad way, but in a comforting traditional way. Mom passed out gifts and we all had a wonderful time opening so many amazing things! Here we are in our 2010 Christmas Morning in PJs picture...
I hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas and made some memories with family.
Happy Holidays from the Clancys!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Christmas Filled Weekend (and a minty cookie recipe)

This past weekend was filled with Christmas spirit. On Friday night, Brett planned a little surprise and after dinner we bundled up and went to Lilacia Park to view the Christmas light display that they had set up. There is nothing like some cold weather, Christmas lights and the greatest husband ever to put you in the Christmas spirit. We tried so hard to take some good pictures but really struggled with the dark sky bright lights, and so many settings on our camera.
On Saturday we did some Christmas shopping, and although the weather was terribly rainy, it was still quite festive. In addition to a few Christmas presents, we made our first very important baby purchase - his/ her going home from the hospital outfit. Leave it me to feel that an outfit is one of the most important purchases. I would love to post a pic of the darling little outfit, but it's in that special color or pink or blue and that is still a big secret!

Saturday night we made Christmas cookie. Over the past few years this has become one of my favorite Christmas traditions. We get all of our Christmas CDs out and bake all evening long. I love having Brett in the kitchen. This year (and I do think this was only round one since we have already eaten quite a few) we made 178 cookies! One kind was a super easy mint cookie by Betty Crocker. Super easy, very festive and DE-LICIOUS!

Me in my super ridiculous cute cookie baking outfit.Brett and Tucky just waiting for the cookies to be done.

On Sunday we had our first family Christmas celebration with Brett's family. We had a fabulous dinner and exchanged presents. Brett's sister got us a beautiful baby book....I can't wait to fill it with cute picture and exciting milestones!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Guess what...

A while back I blogged about having a lot going on. This was true, but to explain, there was really only one big thing going on, and it was something that I wasn't ready to blog about. Until now....

On September 8, 2 days before our 5th anniversary, Brett and I got the greatest gift ever. The news that this little guy (or girl) was on his (or her) way!

Yep - we're having a baby!!!!!

BB (as we're calling him/ her) is set to arrive sometime around May 17 and we couldn't be more excited! Lots more on this big news to come...

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