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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Christmas Filled Weekend (and a minty cookie recipe)

This past weekend was filled with Christmas spirit. On Friday night, Brett planned a little surprise and after dinner we bundled up and went to Lilacia Park to view the Christmas light display that they had set up. There is nothing like some cold weather, Christmas lights and the greatest husband ever to put you in the Christmas spirit. We tried so hard to take some good pictures but really struggled with the dark sky bright lights, and so many settings on our camera.
On Saturday we did some Christmas shopping, and although the weather was terribly rainy, it was still quite festive. In addition to a few Christmas presents, we made our first very important baby purchase - his/ her going home from the hospital outfit. Leave it me to feel that an outfit is one of the most important purchases. I would love to post a pic of the darling little outfit, but it's in that special color or pink or blue and that is still a big secret!

Saturday night we made Christmas cookie. Over the past few years this has become one of my favorite Christmas traditions. We get all of our Christmas CDs out and bake all evening long. I love having Brett in the kitchen. This year (and I do think this was only round one since we have already eaten quite a few) we made 178 cookies! One kind was a super easy mint cookie by Betty Crocker. Super easy, very festive and DE-LICIOUS!

Me in my super ridiculous cute cookie baking outfit.Brett and Tucky just waiting for the cookies to be done.

On Sunday we had our first family Christmas celebration with Brett's family. We had a fabulous dinner and exchanged presents. Brett's sister got us a beautiful baby book....I can't wait to fill it with cute picture and exciting milestones!


Emmy said...

You look adorable, love the bump!

Commission de surendettement said...

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