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Monday, August 17, 2009

In Love With My Best Friend

I often write about how our weekends are filled with fun adventures, good food, and great friends. This past weekend Brett and I spent it as we rarely get to do - just us. He was so sweet in wanting the weekend to be exactly what I wanted because I started back to work today. He wanted to take me out to dinner on Friday night, but I had beat him to the plans and cooked us a sensational meal. I tried something new and cooked scallops. So easy and turned out oh so yummy! Paired with green beans, one of my fav side dishes - Rice w/ white raisins - and a chilled bottle of Riesling we spent the evening chatting away on the patio.
We set the alarm Saturday morning and bright early we were out the door. Our first stop was of course, Starbucks for the usual and then we headed to the French Market. We shared a delicious cinnamon chip scone and bought some corn for the week. After returning home, we geared up for our cross training which turned into a bike riding adventure through DuPage County's Prairie Path and Forest Preserve Trails with stops at Herrick Lake and the Danada Equestrian Center. We ultimately rode about 13 miles and my behind was screaming when I lowered myself from the bike!
Brett took this picture of me in the racing corrals for the horses!By the time we got back to Wheaton we were starving and it just so happened that the local bank was having a community cookout so we stopped off there for some free hot dogs, live music and what every suburban cookout needs - a petting zoo! The pot belly pig was my favorite while Brett fell in love with a goat, pregnant with twins!
We went to rest for bit but were still looking for something else to do. At about 3:00 we decided to go to the Cosely Zoo, a very small local zoo that is free to the public! We spent an hour there...a great place for small children (if anyone questioned the creepy couple without kids, our plan was to say we were researching for when we do have them) but there are not too many animals on exhibit so we weren't there long.
Saturday night turned into date night and we dined at the lovely Buffalo Wild Wings. Oh how I love the yumminess of that place! After dinner we were off to the movies to see none other than...The Time Traveler's Wife (see why I love Brett?!?!) which happened to not be nearly as good as the book, big surprise, but that is beside the point. We enjoyed the movie and ended the night with some ice cream from Oberweis - chocolate peanut butter for me and a chocolate malt for he!

Sunday we had our longest run yet. I am happy to report that we ran 8 miles in 81 minutes and 24 seconds. We walked only about 2 minutes of that!!! We were on a high from our run and cooled down with Jamba Juice and that is were our weekend ended. We spent the rest of the day lying on the couch, snoozing, watching TV and playing cards.
I am the luckiest girl in the world to be married to someone I can call my best friend. I sincerely had the best weekend spending time with Brett doing fun little things. That is what I call true happiness.


Justin and Jessica said...

This is such a sweet post! I love hearing about other peoples happiness, and sharing my own also! So happy for you!

d.a.r. said...

What a fantastically perfect weekend!!!

Jon and Steph said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Definitely my kind of weekend ;)

Nice job on the 8 mile run! That's amazing.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

WOW! You two had quite the busy weekend! Sounds like it was pretty much picture perfect.

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