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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Clancy Fest '09

Sunday was our annual Labor Day picnic and we couldn't have asked for a nicer day! The weather held out and the day was FULL of good food, frosty drinks, and lots of fun! I had the camera out for a bit but I got a little wrapped up in taking pictures of the cute kiddos that were there and didn't get too many of the other guests. We had about 30 guests, and here are the lucky ones that got caught with my camera!

The night before, Brett prepared the meat, a very manly task!
Brett and his high school friend, Mark, playing bags! Mark's wife and daughter...Meg, a friend from work and her boyfriend, BradOur good friends, The BergersA beautiful pic of my sister in law, CariThe lovely Mrs. Leslie-Billings

And last but not least (especially because they brought Sangria!), our friends The TacosWhat a great party! We look forward to it every year because it is such a wonderful thing to be surrounded by such great friends! Thank you everyone for coming!

And here are the post-partypuppy pics :-)

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