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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Brett!

A little over a week ago (December 8) Brett celebrated his 34th birthday. As is customary on his birthday, things didn't go as planned. I surprised him at the office and he truly was super surprised and then we had drinks with the Berger's. Due to the weather though, plans changed and we came back to the 'burbs for dinner rather than go to Morton's downtown. We did go to Morton's, just not the original one in Chicago, but the new one in Naperville.The walk to the train left us soaking wet, but we were all smiles. Brett loved his gifts, dinner was fantastic and all in all a great birthday!
On a side note, a HUGE thank you to the Morton's in Naperville, that took our last minute reservation and made Brett's birthday so special. We were greeted with a menu that was printed with "Happy Birthday Brett" at the top, had our picture taken and presented to us in a card and a free dessert to round off an incredible meal. Quite possibly the best dining experience we have ever had!

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