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Monday, January 18, 2010

My Mid January Non New Years Resolutions

So while January 1 came and went, I am still mulling over some resolutions. I decided that I really don't want to have a lot of things that I want to do but will probably ultimately fail at. When I started thinking of things that would be my New Years Resolutions (if in fact I were making any) they all centered around one theme: being a better person - physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. So, I have decided that the following list is NOT, I repeat NOT, my list of things that I must do this year in order to feel complete, but rather a list of challenges. If I don't do them, no harm, no foul, I am just in the same place I am right now - sitting a my dining room table, drinking pumpkin spice coffee (I know it's January but I can drink whatever flavor coffee I want, whenever I want), and looking outside at the dirty snow and slush. Oh, how I love a string of 3o-something degree days after a huge snow fall.

1. Go to church more regularly. I have a love/ hate relationship with church. I know that sounds bad, but sometimes I'm into it and sometimes I'm not, and in my opinion (which I am allowed to have since this is my blog, thank you very much Miss I'm Going to Post a Nasty Comment Under Your Kate Gosselin Post...oh no your not, sweetheart because I deleted it the second I read it), I should only go to church if my heart is in it. I just don't think that just because you go that it "counts". I know lots of people that go every Sunday and pretty much enter a 1 hour long day dream the entire time they are there. So rather, I guess than say I will go more regularly, I want to be in the right frame of mind that I want to go and that I give of myself for that one hour.

2. You know the whole saying, "My body is a temple", well, you know what, it is. And if this 5 foot 7, 100 and a lot of change pound body is the only one I am getting, then I really should take care of it. I ran a half marathon in September and have only gone down hill from there. It's time I set some goals for myself and get off the couch. As for what's going into this temple, well that could use a little work too. I go in cycles of eating very healthy and then I go on a binge like a Biggest Loser contestant dumped into a vat of pudding. I know I am probably a little too hard on myself sometimes, but I really should take better care of myself.

3. Now here's the biggie...enjoy life! I have an "older" friend who made a resolution last year to have more fun. If someone asked her for a drink after work, she went. If her husband wanted to see a movie and she was tired, she went. At the end of the year she was very proud that she had accomplished her goal. Well, I need to enjoy life a little more. Again, I'm only getting one temple and I'm only getting one chance to enjoy my temple so let the fun begin. There are so many places that want to go and things that I want to do that it seems like a waste to ever sit around doing nothing, yet I feel like I am pretty lazy sometimes. I challenge myself, to go for a walk, to read a book, to call a friend, to write a letter, walk the dogs, to do something that enriches my life rather than wastes more precious minutes of it.

So there it is: my list of 3 Non Resolutions...


Emmy said...

Ew, who would write something nasty on your blog?? Anyway-I like your #3 because it's so very true and I find myself doing the same thing. Like it would kill me to lose an extra hour of sleep sometimes to stay up and do something fun...or not clean the house when I said that I was going to, just because it's nice outside & I'd rather go do that. I'm trying hard to let go of those little things!

d.a.r. said...

Ahh I loved reading this!! I am the same way with church and with treating my body right--I go in spurts. Sometimes I am loving church and feeling it, and others it seems like such a hassle and I get nothing out of it. And I hate going out of obligation! I think it is a wasted attempt, and God knows that my mind is elsewhere!

Good luck on your non-resolutions!

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