Our Boys

Monday, February 8, 2010

In case you didn't know - yesterday was the Super Bowl. The Saints won. I called it.

Now that I have updated you all on the football news, here's the fun stuff - our DiGiorno sponsored pizza party!!!! I signed up several weeks ago to "host" a DiGiorno Game Day Believers Party (spokesman is none other than Pittsburgh's own Jerome "The Bus" Bettis) and was picked. I received this fabulous "party pack" complete with 6 coupons for free Digiorno pizzas, $4 off coupons for my guests, a DiGiorno hot pad, a DiGiorno pizza cutter, DiGiorno stickers, and DiGiorno party beads. The catch? Serve the pizza and upload photos. Basically - eat and blog - that I can do. By the way . . . the thin crispy flatbread Chicken Tuscano is OUT OF THIS WORLD and the garlic bread crust pizzas are way Delicious as well!!!

Brett and I and ALL our pizzas!

Lucy wearing her DiGiorno beads

"Tucker, what did you do for those beads?"

I made a Brownie Banana Split Pizza to keep up with the theme for dessert

The Billings Family LOVE DiGiorno pizza!

And last, the boys and their food...

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