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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bad Weather and Free Stuff

So tonight I went to Whole Foods...not to grocery shop but to score some free samples from their "spa night". While pretending to be interested in cosmetics, soaps and lotions made out of every thing from bees guts to plants to dirt, the sky became dark and it started to rain. I don't mean a peaceful summer rain, I mean an all out God is mad thunder and lightening across the sky and the world might end kind of rain. I finished up with Miss Put Bee Guts On Anything And Your Skin Will Glow Like The Sun and hightailed it home. I felt like a terrible mother - my poor puppies were probably scared to death. I was right...they were hiding, so we cuddled on the couch and fired up all my gadgets to see what what up - phone? Check. iTouch? Check. Computer? Check. Cable? Nope - satellite was out. So I pulled up the news web sites, weather.com, and of course facebook and found out that yes, there was storm going on outside and there may or may not be a tornado in the area. I am thinking that the tornado siren was my first clue. Brett was stuck in the city because they had stopped the trains due to winds (and it is now after 9:30 pm and he is still not home and the train left the station at 7). So, the puppies and I got cozy and I started to browse craigslist for free stuff. I mean, you never know what people might be giving away. Here are the top five things that I found very amusing...

5. 1/2 of a bag of Aldi brand dog food
4. Felt
3. A box of food, leftovers to be exact

2. The contents of a man's trunk...he cleaned it out, left it by the door and welcomes anyone to come to his (provided on the Internet) address to walk away with his snow scraper, umbrella and probably his life.

1. A stripper pole...apparently her boyfriend gave it to her as a birthday present and she's "just not into that".
After the storm passed, the sky was amazingly bright, almost eerie!

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