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Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Week of Demo and Construction

So the past two weeks have been trying to say the least. There is nothing like having your life turned upside down by disaster and not having the faintest idea of where to start with repairs and rebuilding. Thankfully, my newly retired dad was able to fly out and give us an entire week of his handy man services. I sincerely do not know what we would have done without him!

Here's a pic in the middle of the "bad" phase. Carpet ripped out, old tile foundunderneath removed, baseboards out and dry wall cut!

Shortly after he arrived, we came a up with a plan. Basically it involved some demo of the basement (ripping out all bas boards and cutting out the drywall about a foot high), removing the ancient tiles that we found under our carpet, installing ceramic tile and then putting it all back together In addition, he installed a back flow preventer that will prevent us from (hopefully) ever having our sewer back up again. Since the everything was already torn up we did a few extra projects that basically left us with a gorgeous, newly remodeled basement! We love it and can't thank my dad enough for all the hard work he put in. I do think we managed to have a pretty good time in the process!

On Monday, we took him to Wrigley Field for his first Cubs' game. Unfortunately they lost to the Brewers 18-1!

The back flow preventer requires us to break a hole in the floor of our laundry room to access the sewer! I got to use some cool tools!
One of those cool tools was a saw!
I learned how to do so many things from my Dad throughout the week. Here I am grouting the ceramic!
Brett got to buy a new toy - a nailer. My Dad showed him how to use it :-) J/K!
You an also see the new floor in the pic.
At the end of the week, we had two great nights out. Both Friday and Saturday night we went out to dinner and had some wine at Tasting Devine.

We really had the bets week. I loved hanging out with my Dad, spending time with him and learning so many new things. Although, the situation was awful we are so lucky to have him and are now enjoying our beautiful basement again!

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