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Friday, February 6, 2009

Get Fit For Spring

Warning: I am about to become bitter, hateful and downright mean!!! I have (again) entered Get Fit For Spring.

This is a competition held at my school to promote a healthy lifestyle. You pick teams and then get daily points for stuff like exercising, drinking water, eating good foods, eating your Daily 5 of fruits and veggies, losing weight, etc. It runs for 7 weeks and at the end there is a (small and not worth it) monetary prize. Last year, my team won so we have a title to defend. So, the past week I have eaten more calories than anyone should trying to be at my "peak" for my weigh in the morning. I really don't have a lot of weight to lose, just a few straggler pounds. While Brett is not officially on the team, he is doing it too because he also would like to lose a few pounds. Now we started living a little better at the start of the new year but when I found out we were doing the competition again, I put things on hold so I could enjoy life for a bit before having to buckle down.

At approx. 6:30 am this morning, the Clancy family had their weigh in, Lucy (23.6; Fatty weighs way more than that!) and Tucker (16) included. I wish I had the camera when Brett got the dogs to "stand" on the scale. Maybe next Friday when we see if they have lost any weight. So, wish us luck, we have lots of water to drink, veggies to eat and miles to run!

Happy Weekend!!!


The Hoolihans... said...

Cabbage diet! Lost 8 lbs in 2 wks to fit into my wedding dress that I purposely bought a size smaller. Only one who really suffered was Brian. :P

Oz Runner said...

sounds like a fun contest, like your own version of biggest loser...good luck defending the title.

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