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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Celebrate Earth!

Happy Earth Day!

Today I am wearing my "My White T Is Green" shirt...so cute and made of organic cotton. I wish I could take a pic but I am in the midst of standardized testing with the kiddos right now. HAHAHAHA!

So in honor of Earth Day, what are you doing to celebrate/ save our Earth?

Brett and I have become very good at recycling and trying to reduce our waste. We try to turn off lights, keep the heat/ air set low, use reusable grocery bags, and unplug unused appliances but we have been thinking about doing more. Two "goals" or rather just things I would like to try this summer are composting and a rain barrel. We looked at rain barrels at the hardware store last weekend. WOW! $130! Brett thinks he could make one, so we will see. For those of you who are unfamiliar, they are big barrels that catch water from your down spouts. Your hose hooks to the barrel and you use that water to for your grass, garden, etc. rather than using "new" water. As for the composte, I really want to try this, but the "girly" part of me is worried about the smell. Just being honest.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Earth Day and does somethign a little extra today. Here's a present for you all...a free reusable grocery bag. Just click here and print the coupon, then head to Walgreen's. Stay Green!


Karen said...

Compost doesn't smell if you only use the plant materials you are supposed to (Weeds, peels, grass clippings). Never put any meat parts including bones in the compost. It smell and also would attract wild varmits.

lesley said...

Happy Earth Day to you too!

Your t-shirt sounds really cute : )

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Happy Earth Day! I am really making my best effort to be more "green" as well. I wish I had a bigger apt. to organize all my recyclables...that will be on my wishlist for my next place!

Julie said...

Kaleigh said to me today when I picked her up at school,

"Mom, I really wish you would have walked to pick me up so I could have picked up trash on the way home"!

She really wanted to do her part for the Earth today! So I look outside this evening and her and the little neighbor boy are collecting trash off the street! It was too funny!

Justin and Jessica said...

We have a compost thingy. It doesn't stink, but it looks like Darth Vader's head. I'm sure our neighbors think we're weird! Like Karen said, only plant materials, and there's lots of info online for the easiest way to successfully compost! Good luck and Happy Earth Day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Marissa,

Did you get my long e-mail on the joys of composting and other assorted Earth Day trivia?
Aunt Z

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