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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fun in Mexico

We were greeted by the Secrets staff with a cool towel and a glass of champagne.
The first night we were there, the resort put on a Mayan show on the beach complete with dancing and a bonfire. we nearly burned off our fingers trying to roast marshmallows.
Brett and I were so glad to be on vacation and be able to relax that we spent the first few days doing nothing but laying on the beach and sipping some fruity cocktails...One night we decided to venture into Playa del Carmen - a super fun area with lots of shopping, bars, and entertainment!Here we are sipping tequila like they do in Mexico...a shot of tequila (that you sip, don't shoot) and a shot of sangrita (sort of a sweet bloody mary tasting chaser) that you also sip along with the tequila. Very tasty! Brett spent some time playing with his maracas...
and chess (he beat me every time)!
This little guy, Dodo, was too cute! Right before the pic was taken, he ate the orange right out of Brett's drink!
One of my favorite parts of being on vacation is getting dressed up for dinner each night -
On our last night, Brett arranged for us to have a romantic dinner on the beach - it was unbelievable. A table for two was se up in the sand and our personal waiter served us champagne, wine and one of the best meals I have ever had. The wind was blowing so hard, but it was one of the best nights ever!
On the day we were set to leave, we got up super early to watch the sun rise...it was just beautiful!

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