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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

Well after our first weekend of football, I think I am finally ready for a change of season. I love summer, I really do. I am a teacher so of course it is the best time of year as I get to be on my own schedule and not get up for work every day. I hang out with the girls, take the dogs to the dog park, and read fantastic books while basking in the sun. Oh the life! Well, it is over and I am back to reality. I find it much easier to come to work when the weather is a bit dismal and I don’t have to sit inside staring at the beautiful sunshine. With the passing of summer comes fall and that means football. I cannot tell you what a great time Brett and I have every Sunday spending the whole day on the couch, eating phenomenal food, and checking scores to every game to see if we will be ahead in the pool for the week. This coming Sunday we will go back to our traditional cuisine of Sunday Soup/ Chili/ Stew, basically anything made in the crock pot that can cook all day and have the house smelling great.

Brett is doing fantasy football this year, in addition to the office pool that we both participate in. Apparently, I have better karma than a bunch of attorneys and I have made the playoffs the past two years and won the Super bowl last year. Anyway, this past Sunday Brett sat in “his” chair with the TV on and his computer in his lap so that he could monitor every play and every team. He truly looked like a king in his castle. It didn’t last long though because shortly into the first quarter, his first round draft pick was injured and will miss the entire season…yes his starting quarterback was Tom Brady. Poor Tom and poor Brett.

It seems that each year our football watching traditions get better and better. This year’s project is to attempt to build some sort of entertainment center in the garage and hook up our “old, big” TV. Cable right now is still in question. We got the idea from a party we went to last year where the family rented a big screen and had a Steelers watching party in their garage. The door was up, a squares pool was drawn on the driveway, and it was a blast. A bit chilly, but no worse than actually being at the game.

We are both looking forward to a successful season for both of our teams…so far the Steelers and the Bears are 1-0!

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