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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Ramblings...

Today is Thursday...which means....tomorrow is Friday. Woo-hoo!!!

Brett flew to Des Moines yesterday morning with the partner from his office for some work stuff. What do you know we end up having terrible storms all night and he got stuck in Des Moines until 6 am this morning. The puppies and I REALLY missed him! But we did like that king size bed all to ourselves :-)

Since Brett was not home this morning, and he is charge of making coffee in the morning, I had to go to Dunkin Donuts. I even decided that since I had a great run yesterday I was treating myself to a donut - a maple frosted donut, my favorite! Well, I decided to be nice and grabbed a double chocolate for Brett for tomorrow morning. When I got to work and went to eat my donut, I found that the lady had put them in the bag with the frosted side of each donut facing each other. HELLO! You work in a donut shop. Do you not realize the crisis this created? I had to very gently pry the donuts apart and hope and pray....NOPE! Chocolate frosting stuck all over y maple frosted donut. Sorry Brett! DD - please inform your workers that donuts should be bagged, frosting facing AWAY from each other!

And here's another complaint I am having:

Dear Apple and Nike:
Your Nike Sport Kit for iPod SUCKS!!! I got it for Christmas. It broke in January. I drove all over creation trying to get it fixed. Finally did. Three months later - stopped working AGAIN! No the battery is not low. I don't run that much! How on earth am I going to train running outside when I have NO IDEA HOW FAR I AM RUNNING? Please send new Sport Kit and upgraded iPod for my trouble. I prefer a Touch, although I heart my Nano 3rd Generation.


*for those of you that thought I stopped running all together because my mini in my side bar has not shown a new run. You were wrong. I am still running, just nothing to upload!

Now that I have all that off my chest, it is time to start a fabulous day! The weather is great. I have Thursday detention after school which means a little extra $$$ in the check. And, I am attending a Do It Herself Workshop at Home Deport tonight about gardening. I have a slight inkling to skip it to see Brett, but I was really excited about going. So, we will see!

Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!!!


Piper Jacquelyn said...

Keep up the running - I wish more than anything that I could run, I just suck at it. Seriously, it's embarassing. As for Des Moines, wow...one of the most boring places on Earth. I'm from Iowa & have had my fair share of Des Moines trips. Glad he made it out!

d.a.r. said...

I have heard nothing but awful things about the Nike Sport Kit. Sucky.

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