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Saturday, June 20, 2009

"3 Miller Lights and I am So Over It" or "Sushi in the Chi with Bergers"

So what's with the title? Last night, I took the train downtown and met Brett and the Bergers after work for dinner. (after their work that is. you know. because I am a teacher. and I teach summer school. and my weekend starts on Thursday at noon. not gloating.) We just love hanging out with the Bergers and always excited about the fun new restaurants they take us too that we would never find on our own because we are not city folk. We are suburban folk who very much wish we were city folk.

Last night, not only did we get to try a great new restaurant, we got to try a brand new mode of transportation - the city bus. I refused to ride it the last time thinking that I would get peed on, stepped on, mugged, or worse. But yesterday we submitted to their wishes and road the bus. It was so fun! Not at all filled with smelly people like I imagined. Most were just people going home from work. The greatest part about the whole trip was a young lady sitting right next to where Liz and I were standing. I looked back at Liz once and giggled but I wasn't sure she was hearing what I was hearing, turns out, she was. This young lady was having a conversation that should have been from the privacy of her apartment, but instead it was being had for all to hear. It went something like this:
"So I asked him to go to dinner and he said he had to spend time with friends. The I asked him what he was doing this weekend and he was like oh I have to shopping for a new TV with my grandpa at Sam's Club. So I was all like OK I guess I get that because you need a membership and all."

The conversation continued in this manner of her telling stories of a guy who blatantly is blowing her off. The pinnacle of the conversation was when she made this quote:

"So, I went home last night, had 3 Miller Lights and I am so over it!"

I could hardly contain my laughter! Really, light weight? Three Miller lights is all it took to get over this guy? He must have been a real winner!
The other part of the title comes form the fact that as I was getting ready, I kept singing "Sushi in the Chi with Bergers" to the tune of "Lucy in the sky with diamonds." I am the biggest nerd I know but it made me giggle to myself!
So, we arrive at a tiny little restaurant called Sushi Mon on Clark in Lincoln Park. Liz and I grabbed seats at the counter and the boys went to buy beer because this place is BYOB which I have decided might be the greatest thing ever since you don't spend a million dollars on drinks. So the gentleman behind the counter apparently is transplanted in Chicago form LA and seriously makes THE GREATEST sushi. It was to die for! His name was Bat and he was way cool! Brett and i are not as experienced as Liz and Adam when it comes to sushi so it was awesome having them suggest things that they like and having Bat suggest what to try. We were absolutely stuffed by the end of our meal! We headed across the street for an after dinner drink and then we called it a night to catch the train back to Wheaton since Brett was getting up at 5 for golf.

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Preppy 101 said...

What a perfect ad campaign for Miller Lite :-) - xoxo

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