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Saturday, June 6, 2009

What you don't know about teachers on the last day of school...

So Wednesday was our last day of school and what better reason to celebrate. We started and ended the night at the Lantern, easily the most prestigious of downtown Naperville bars.

The Lantern Specialty:

In between, we visited the VFW, OK maybe it is a little more prestigious, Potters, and Rizzos. what a fun night with great friends!It was also fun to see people out that you don't always get a chance to chat with because of the business of the school year. So, school is out!!!! and summer school has started! Kind of stinks, but it really is some good extra cash and you can't beat the hours...M-Th, 8-12 for 6 weeks. Not really that terrible.
Enjoy the pics.....

The picture is really great because Amy will hate me for posting it...love ya!Nat, Me, and meg huddled under Jess's scarf because it was a bit chilly!

Adam built a "long straw" to steal Sam's martini!

Here's wishing all the teachers a happy and relaxing summer!!!

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