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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where is the time going?

So I thought that this summer, I would be able to blog all the time but it just doesn't seem to happen. The down side to doing so many fun things that I could be blogging about is that I can't find time to actually download pics and write a blog. Soooooo...here's a quick snippet of what has been going on with Team Clancy.

May 31 Cubs vs...they lost.

June 7 Sox vs. Cardinals game...Brett is not a fan of the White Sox AT ALL, but we did get to chat with his friend Jamie Carroll. Brett played with Jamie in college and now Jamie plays for the Indians. It is kind of cool having a player walk over to the side of the field and acknowledge you. We went to the Sox game to celebrate Father's Day with Brett's fam. Gotta love Fan Photo!

A little shopping at TJ Maxx...love that place! Other than that, we have been tyring to keep up with the house, do a little running when we find the time and keep the dogs active. It's hard when your dogs would rather do this...

or this...
The running has not been going fantastic but Monday is D Day. As I previously mentioned Brett and I are considering a longer race at the end of summer. By longer I mean a half marathon. Yes, that is what said! 13.1 miles! i am scared out of my mind simply because I know what a head case I am about running and I already have negative thoughts telling me I can't do it. For now, I am trying to take advantage of my last few days of not needing to worry about how much I run, what I am eating, how much water I have drank. Ugggh!

On another note, Brett and I sat down to discuss our schedule for the summer. I don't know whether it is a really good thing or a really bad thing that we have barely 1 weekend until I go back to school with nothing to do. Yickes!

Ta Ta for now, friends! Hope everyone is experiencing some relaxation and warm weather happiness!!!

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