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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Owen is 1 month old

WOW! How time flies when you're having fun and we truly are having fun! Owen is a dear sweet baby with an old soul. He has these thoughtful looks about him that you can tell he is pondering the world from a baby's perspective.
When we got home from the hospital, Friday May 13 (it hadn't donned on me until just now that it was Friday the 13th!), we were lucky enough to have my mom with us for the next week. My Dad arrived Sunday which made things even better.
They were there to pick up the pieces and help us out with all the tings we couldn't or didn't want to do. My mom even cooked us dinner and made us eat at the table while Owen was sleeping and she ate in the next room. It was our "date night".

When Owen was discharged from the hospital, his bilirubin was high so we had to go to the pediatrician the very next day to retest. It was still quite high and he was ordered to be put on phototherapy which was delivered that night. I knew he was fine, but as a new mom, I was worried just the same.
He also needed to be supplemented with formula because my milk was not in (but came in only a few hours after talking to the doctor and me having my first of many new mom melt downs) and because he needed as much nourishment as possible to flush his system. So on Saturday night, Owen because our "Glow Worm", "Glowin' Owen", and "Mellow Yellow". We continued to have to take him to the pediatrician/ hospital for check ups and heel sticks. He was on lights until Tuesday at noon and had his last heel stick on Wednesday when we were finally in the clear. He actually had two heel sticks Wednesday because a tech at the hospital dropped his sample form the morning and we had to go in for what would be his 7th stick. Insert 2nd new mom minor melt down). After that things were all up hill and by his two week appt. he had gained a whole pound from his birth weight!

Life in our household has changed but not entirely. We have not let Owen rule the world but have continued on with our daily life only on a baby's schedule not ours. While we might like to be at Starbucks at 8:00 on Saturday morning we might not make it until 11 now. That's just fine by us. Our first trip out actually was to Starbucks and the French Market and Brett and I played the part. Parking on the street right in the middle of Wheaton, we COULD NOT open the stroller. All we did was laugh and it finally popped up! Another milestone was when his belly button fell off at 2 weeks and 3 days old. It was right after a bath and I cried that he might as well be heading off to college.
Owen is a great baby and has put himself on a bit of a schedule. He's not totally predictable yet and I don't always know if when I put him down he will stay down or will be up for a snack in 45 minutes, but he is so pleasant to be around. These last few days he has had some fussy spells, but I think he is just actually more like a "normal" baby that the perfect one we have had for these last few weeks. Lucy and Tucker love him no matter what. Tucker comes to find me any time he cries, even just a little and Lucy is always there to nudge his toes if he's in his swing or kiss his head if I'm holding him.

We started cloth diapers this week which has been interesting. There are pros and cons. I love that we are saving our family money by not spending over and over on boxes of diapers. They are a little gross and he has some diaper rash, but I think we can manage.
And here we are, one month into a family of 5 and loving every second of it!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Today & yesterday must have been great days! Enough 'quiet' time to do two posts! Loved reading all about him and your transition to family-hood. Hope we'll have a chance to meet him soon, but in the meantime, the pix are wonderful. Hope you're feeling good, Missy. Hope you're getting enough sleep, Brett! Hope the doggies are getting enough belly rubs and . . . hope Owen's not missing Grammy Kate and Pop too much! Love to all of you. Aunt Zoe

d.a.r. said...

He is so precious!!

Anonymous said...

We have just had our first son on february 27th and I've been looking all around for other parents and their experiences, hints, and help. Thank you for posting your blog and sharing your experiences :)

Our son is at the interactive, keeping himself (and us) awake stage because he can't get enough of everything around him. It's definitely trying but I wouldn't trade it for the world :D

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