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Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July Celebration

One of the fun things about having a baby is experiencing all of his "1sts". This 4th of July was no different. I was so excited to dress Owen in his red white and blue outfits, watch fireworks, and attend the Wheaton parade. On Sunday morning, Scotty and I ran to Old Navy to pick up some new t-shirts for the boys. Brett and Owen got matching Captain America t-shirts and Scotty also got a Captain America T, just a different one because they were out of his size.

We spent the day at Cantigny, having a picnic, bike riding, walking through their gardens, playing Frisbee and listening to music. It was a perfectly relaxing day.

After coming home and regrouping, we walked to enjoy the fireworks. Owen slept the entire walk there but as soon as they started, he was mesmerized; he wasn't bothered by the noise at all. He even cried when we got home, he was so sad they were over.

On Monday the 4th, we woke up early and walked to stake out a good view of the parade route. It was hot, but we weren't going to miss our first chance for Owen to see a parade. He slept the entire time!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th and that blessings were said for our freedom and for all all those serving in our military.

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