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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Brain Dump

I love brain dumps...whether they are via blog, email, text, whatever, we all need them. So here's my mid week dump (I have the same mentality as a 10 year old because I giggled as I typed "dump").

1. It's hot. I hate it. I know. I shouldn't complain because we are what seems like days away from breaking out the parkas in the good ole Midwest. I don't know why we live here. It's too hot, too cold, too rainy, too windy. Always too something. The hot is much more tolerable here.

2. I want one of these. This one is at Target and is actually made of glass, not cheap plastic. I don't know where I would store it as our house seems to be shrinking.

3. I also want one of these L. L. Bean tote bags. They're so cute and would be perfect for schlepping (my new favorite word) our stuff around. Owen has a lot of stuff + I have a lot of stuff = we need a fun tote bag for all our stuff. I have no clue what color to order, nor do I know what size or whether I should get it with our without a zipper. I do know I want to have "Team Clancy" embroidered on it and I don't know that it will fit.
4. My birthday is coming up. I am dreading it a little bit. It's a big one. Fortunately, I get to spend my actual birthday at the University of Dayton with the whole fam. Scotty moves in that weekend and Ben will be home and is coming along for the ride. So we are road tripping it to Dayton to see everyone and "help" move in.

5. Love. This. Smile. He is smiling up a storm and it makes me laugh every single time.

6. I also love this face. It's his poopin' face.

7. Did I mention it's hot and I don't even want to go outside.

8. Owen woke up 3 times last night. It sucked! The 3rd time was the worst because he wasn't hungry or need a change. His reflux was bothering him and he spent about 15 minutes burping and doing the hard swallow like it was burning. I hate that for him.

9. From where I am sitting, I can see a huge cob web in the corner and i don't feel like getting up to get rid of it.

10. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Products are my new fav. I have the Lavender hand soap and Lemon Verbena All Purpose cleaning concentrate. Even Scotty commented on the scent when he was here.

11. I want to make my own cleaning wipes, I just need a container big enough to hold a roll of paper towels. Any suggestions? I found one idea - to cute the roll of paper towels in half with an electric knife. Good thought. No electric knife here.

12. My lil man just woke up. Brain dump ends here :-)

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Emmy said...

1. the pooping face is my fave, I love when Liam does it! does that make me weird?
2. I have the LL Bean tote, extra large with the zipper (Judy DiGiovanni actually bought it for me as a wedding gift!) and I love it! It's great for traveling and vacation. I'd recommend the zipper...you can always overstuff it & leave it unzipped if need be.
3. I didn't know Owen had reflux...Liam does too, it makes me so sad! Is he on meds?
*in hindsight, I realize this "brain dump" comment of mine would have been better suited in an email. forgive me! :)

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