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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Attempt at Being Organized: A Household Notebook

So I've had this idea stewing around upstairs to create some sort of notebook to stay a little more organized and on track while I am home and to make things a little easier when I go back to work. I started looking around the internet for inspiration and it seems that my idea was definitely not original. Blue Eyed Bride posted just today that she has completed her Home Organization Binder. Impressive. She provided several resources at the bottom of her post, one of which I found extremely helpful  - Organized Home's Printable Pages for Your Household Notebook.

To start, I needed to figure out exactly what I wanted my notebook to do for me and in what areas of our life. In other words - what can I just not get organized.

Recipes. I am a hot mess when it comes to recipes. You might even call me a recipe hoarder. I love them. I crave them. I get them everywhere. But then what? They end up on the coffee table, on the dining room table, in my purse, mixed in with my coupons, in a "recipe catch all" binder.

Menu Planning. I have tried printing a template. I tried making my own. I did really well leading up to Baby Boy's arrival. Then it all fell apart. I guess a baby sort of does that to you. So, to get back on track, I need a central location to write what we will be having for dinner and a place to track things we need so I'm not running to the store 4 times a week (even though an evening alone at Target is becoming quite a treat).

Chores. Oh boy! Another hot mess! I actually enjoy cleaning. When I have the time, supplies, organization and desire. I hate the scramble to clean something quickly and would rather take me time and do it right. That's probably why several chores don't get done as often as they should. Again, I need a system. Fly Lady? Same problem as menu planning.

To Do List. I am the queen of lists. I make lists of lists. The problem is that I lose the lists or simply don't follow the lists. I actually put things on my list that I have already done so that i can cross them off and feel like I have done more than I actually have. I need to have a weekly planner in the category so I can map out how I will get errands run, phone calls made, etc. This also needs to include a long term list of things that need done. For example, things I need Brett to do; I could simple look at my list and tell him what I need done as opposed to saying I don't know.

Things to Look Up. One of my biggest time wasters is the internet. I will see one thing (be it online, on TV, the radio, out, etc.) and go to look tup. An hour later I have looked at 17 things since that initial one. I need a place to write down websites, products, etc. that when I am relaxing I can look those things up as oppose to dropping everything and doing it "right now". i don't know that this list would completely eliminate this because that's just the "drop everything" kind of person I am.

So this is where I want to start. I figure that if I can start small and this seems to be working I could add to it things like a car maintenance section. Update on this project to come...

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cMe said...

I'm planning a homekeeping post for later this week, it's easier for me than Flylady with a new baby. And is it so bad that I went to the grocery and target just so I could get out of the house? I never thought the grocery would be a luxury for me!

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