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Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy 4 months to Owen!

To my little boy - you're growing up. Each month I can't believe how much bigger you get and how your personality shines through more and more. This month is no different. You went to your 4 month doctor appointment and Dr. Ables thinks you're doing great! She told us you need more tummy time so that you will start to roll over consistently. It's not that you don't like it, but you sometimes think it's time for bed and put your head down and fall asleep. You still have that one little problem (I know Owen is only 4 months but right now I don't want to embarrass him) so we have made you an appointment with a specialist in December; we're hoping things resolve and we can cancel it). 

Weight - 15 lbs. 3 oz.

Height - 26 3/4 in.

What an active guy you are becoming. You don't like to be help in my arms any more unless you are eating; you love to be sitting up so you can look around. Everyone comments on how serious you are and how observant you seem. The funny thing is, when it just you or you and  us, you are LOUD! You love you voice and love to talk to yourself. You think it's hysterical to scream, not cry, just yell really loud! You especially love to do it at the store. You've started to laugh a little, especially at Daddy because you think he is so funny. You still love Lucy and Tucker very much, although Lucy seems a little afraid of you lately (I think it's that loud thing). Because you are more active, you love your toys even more. You can pick things up and put them in your mouth. you like to chew on your Sophie and on blankets. You have found your hands and feet and love to play with both. You have stopped taking a pacifier all together and like to suck your fingers although you never suck the same combination of them. As for your feet, you love to kick them up and play with them and it's making diaper changing a little more difficult.

For the most part, you are always happy. You let us know when you are tired and still can put yourself to sleep; all we have to do is lay you down. As long as you are rested and fed, you don't cry. You're still getting up 1 time a night (although you slept through the night a few times in Washington because you were up late) but when you do, you are hungry and eat well. We have a great routine during the day and I love being able to spend this time with you.  

The past month seems to have flown by - you've been a very busy boy! 
  • You kept a secret and helped daddy plan a surprise 30th birthday party for me on August 13.
  • You visited Dayton Ohio and helped move Uncle Scotty into school. 

  • You spent two weeks in Washington visiting with Gammy and Grandpap and lots of other friends and family.
  • You visited Pittsburgh and helped Uncle Ben move into his apartment. 
  • You rolled over for me to see and haven't done it since. 

  • You made it through your first "Souper Sunday", September 11,  with us. You loved sitting in the kitchen watching Daddy cut potatoes for the soup.

  • You helped put out the American flag on September 11 to mark the 10th anniversary of a very sad day. We will help you to understand the importance of this day when you are older but for now, you just need to know you live in a wonderful country!
  • You have started having to trouble nursing when we are eating because you are so interested in what we are doing. You watch us eat and drink and look sad that you aren't getting any. We aren't quite ready to give you food, but we did get out your high chair and now you sit with us at the dinner table like a big boy. 
  • You stayed with a babysitter, Grandma Shari, Aunt Cathy, and Grandpa Mike, for the longest time yet so that Daddy and I could celebrate our 6th anniversary. 

Good job, stinker butt, on another fun month! You keep making us smile and we'll keep changing your diaper!

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