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Sunday, July 25, 2010

And it all falls apart...

How funny to think a few short days ago I wrote about finally getting things together and feeling as though my summer has been very worth while. Well, this weekend we ran in to some trouble - water trouble. Our basement flooded again and it's worse than ever before.

Several months ago Brett had planned a "Guys' Weekend" that included friends from out of town staying here and going to the Cubs/ Cardinals game on Saturday. Things started out great on Friday as everyone arrived safely and the boys had a great lunch at The Tilted Kilt. They came back to the house for a bit and then we all headed out for a fun night in Naperville.

At 6:30 am on Saturday morning, one of the guys knocked on our bedroom door letting us know that his air mattress had turned into a raft! We went to check things out and the basement was full of water and the water was still coming in! Everyone went to work - putting stuff together to take the water from the pumps away from the house, trying to open drains, going to Home Depot, manually sucking up water with a wet vac, etc. It was a mess. We had two functioning sump pumps, but it had rained so much that the city's drainage system couldn't handle it. Water was coming in the shower drain, the floor drain - everywhere!

Once the water had stopped coming in, I finally convinced Brett to go to the game so they all showered and we hopped in the car and who knew? 290 was closed! We physically would not be able to get to Chicago. So, we drove for an hour and a half and ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Cubs beat the Cards. That night the guys ripped out all the carpet and padding and continued with the clean up and preparation for more rain that night.

The damage is done. Our basement is a wreck and we have a lot of work and expenses ahead of us. Because this is not the first time this has happened, our insurance will cover none of the damages. My Dad is coming out next week to hear what Perma Seal has to say and we will go from there, either by doing more preventative work (like
when they installed the sump pumps)or just reconstructing the basement into something livable.

Although this has been a very difficult weekend for us, there is something to be said for good friends, good family and good people in the world. I don't know what we would have done had it not been for Mark, Paul, and Aaron being at our house and being willing to do manual labor for what should have been a fun relaxing weekend. My Dad coming out next weekend will be a huge help and probably a big money saver. My good friend Natalie who offered me moral support today (because I should not be left alone with my own thoughts) and ripped up all the tack strips in the basement! Rick, the good man who owns Olde North Pancake House, who heard us talking about the water damage on Sunday morning and came and took care of our check! Our wonderful neighbor who shared info regarding issues with the city and our other wonderful neighbor who brought us dinner tonight! We are blessed to be surrounded my people who love us and are willing to come to help when we need it. Thanks everyone!

The Dream Team - in the rain - saving our house!

How many guys does it take to....?

"This is the greatest weekend ever!"

Paul saved my Uggs! He found the perfect spot on the ladder in the garage to dry them out!

My closet with about two inches of water that just wouldn't go away.

Mark's feet, completely submerged, as he manually pumps out water.

Our bedroom furniture - on bricks!

The end of our street completely flooded.

Brett looking so happy to be spending more money at Lowe's. This trip was for fans and a dehumidifier.

Monday morning - all the carpet waiting for the garbage man.

And through it all, I love this guy more than anything!


Emmy said...

I'm so sorry :( that really, really sucks. Will your insurance cover it? our basement flooded 2 summers again and thankfully, they covered it and we were able to get everything fixed & haven't had a problem since.

B. Wilson said...

This makes me think we should've gotten that flood insurance after all...

We don't have a flooded basement (but since we just tore out all our carpet and drywall because of mold undisclosed by former owners)... it feels like we have!


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