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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Support Bear Photography, Support the U.S.

Several weeks ago I mentioned that Brett and I had traveled home to PA to celebrate my brother Ben's high school graduation. Before I get to the purpose of this post, I would like to tell you a little about Ben.

Ben is about 9 1/2 years younger than I am making him currently 19 years old. My parents tried to conceive shortly after I was born with no luck. After a series of failed fertility treatments, an adoption that didn't work out, they finally found out that their last fertility attempt had worked and our family of three would become a family of four. (Scott who is eighteen month younger than Ben was truly a beautiful surprise!) I was the proudest big sister you could imagine. Growing up, Ben was a quiet kid - gentle. He became known for a long time as gentle Ben. He had a talent for sports, academics, and music. A while back Ben decided that he wanted to apply to the United States Military Academy at West Point. This is one of the most prestigious and competitive schools in the country requiring an impeccable academic, athletic and leadership resume, as well as an appointment by a congressman. Ben found out late this spring that he was deemed "Qualified but not Selected". While this was a hard dose of reality for someone who is used to getting what he sets out to achieve, Ben took this setback in stride and enrolled at Washington and Jefferson College, a very reputable school (that just happens to be in our hometown). For the 2010/ 2011 Ben will play football for W & J as well as dedicate himself to being the high caliber of student that he is used to being. Ben has decided that he will make the most out of this freshman year and treat it as a transition year. He may reapply to West Point in hopes to be accepted for the following academic year. Ben has decided that whether or not he is accepted to West Point, serving his country in the U.S. military is something that he wants to do. Tomorrow, Ben will be sworn into the Army and participate in the ROTC program for at leats the next year. As someone who cares very much for Ben, joining the military with our country still at war is a scary venture, but I am filled with pride that this young man, who I have watched grow from a gentle and quiet young man into a strong and loyal young man, wants to serve our nation.
During his senior year in high school, Ben developed an interest in photography and developed a creative eye for turning pictures into art. He enjoys editing pictures on the computer just as much as he enjoys taking shots with the camera. He has decided to turn this into a small business that he can hopefully earn some extra money while he is in school. (He intends on going to medical school and knows the road will be paved with bills and loans!) I have been impressed with Ben's photography since he started, although I understand I may be a bit biased. Several days ago, Ben launched a website to showcase his work to this point. On the site are some beautiful images he has taken of the city of Pittsburgh, nature shots, and portraits, as well as some artsy photographs created with a technique call light painting. If you are in the Pittsburgh area and are looking for an inexpensive photographer to take say some shots of your dogs (there is a great image of both Lucy and Tucker on his site), your new baby (he doesn't have a lot of experience photographing babies, but he's cheap), you (don't feel vain) or you like his stuff...get in touch with him. He would like to sell prints of work he has already done as well as create a client database that he can offer quality shots at a lo cost. Without further ado, I present to you -

At the very least, check out the site, read the blog, and leave him a comment. If you are feeling daring, shoot him an email and buy a print....here's a sneak peak at one of my favorites...

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d.a.r. said...

Oh man, sorry to hear about your brother. I know, from being friends with Z during the whole application process, how crushing it can be waiting and then getting rejected! Z was actually rejected TWICE for medical reasons. He is like a hair above legally blind. He got a very swift rejection from the AF Academy, apparently they want pilots who can see? Haha! Anyways, he ended up getting in and going, obviously. Hopefully your brother gets a second chance next year! If not, ROTC programs can be awesome plus he would still get a semi-normal college experience as well, haha.

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