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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting it Together

Last week (and this week too) I finally felt organized. I had a plan to the week, stuck to it and got a lot accomplished. The house actually feels clean and while there are always little chores to be done I felt comfortable in knowing I was caught up on most of the big stuff. I created a menu for the week and was able to shop for most of the things we needed in one trip. I finished the class I was taking this summer and got it in the mail. While I am not always the most organized person in the world, it is amazing how much better I feel when I am. I feel like my like is less chaotic, I am less stressed and I am able to enjoy the time I have much more. I also feel like I am a better wife to Brett and a better puppy mama to Lucy and Tucker. When Brett gets home at night I am ready to listen to him about his day and I don't feel like my time has been wasted but rather I have contributed to making our house a home.

Planning our menus for the week seems to really save me a lot of time and stress when it comes to "what's for dinner?" A while back I found this (via According to Nina) at The Project Girl and it was a huge help, both in shopping and planning. I was able to make notes about what days Brett would need a lunch and when he wouldn't and what we were having for dinner. I was able to shop more efficiently because everything I needed was already divided into categories saving me time when at the store.

I have had a few misses, but hey, that's what I love about cooking - you never know what you're going to get. Here's a little summer specialty and while it may not constitute a "meal", it was a great week night dish. I ended up making something more filling to go with it, but this would make a delicious appetizer or a side to perhaps some Italian chicken.

Rustic Tomato Basil Tart

***Although I did get the idea for this from a recipe, I did not follow it.

In addition to the fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil straight from the plant, you will need this

a balsamic glaze made simply by simmering balsamic vinegar until it reduces by at least half. It will be thick enough to coat a spoon.
  • Unroll a pre made pie crust and roll out slightly. Layer sliced mozzarella over the pie crust leaving about 1 1/2 inches around the outside. Top with a single layer of sliced tomatoes, drizzle with balsamic glaze, and top that with roughly chopped basil. Top with another layer of cheese.
  • Fold the edges of the crust over your toppings life this
  • Bake your tart at 375 for about 25-30 minutes until the crust is golden brown and the cheese is also has a nice brown crust.
Well, the tart was delicious! However, Brett and I dove into it before I was able to snap a good picture of the final product. You'll just have to make it yourself!

P.S. The new changes t blogger are not cooperating with me! I have no idea why my last post looks as though it does. I have tried formatting it 7, 000 times!

P.P.S. I still owe you all a chocolate chip cookie recipe. I have not forgotten!

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