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Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Wet Weekend

What a much needed lazy weekend! Here's the recap, but a warning, it DOES NOT END WELL!!!

Friday after work, I met up with the girls for some much needed gossip and beverages. I totally lost track of time because it was so nice to be outside chatting that I did not have time to swing by to get the Cod for dinner. If I had I would have left Brett standing at the train station and by this point it was pretty cold and rainy. Fortunately, my husband is wonderful and laughed it off and was fine with wheat pasta and marinara sauce (no meat, it was Friday!).

Saturday I woke up to rain, rain, and more rain. I quietly snuck out of the house to do some grocery shopping before Brett was even awake. I came home with a surprise from Starbuck's for him - a grande non fat extra hot caramel machiatto!!! I get bonus points because not only was it a great surprise, I gave up coffee for Lent and couldn't have one, just in case I haven't told you that 100 times yet :-) Still smiling. We then made a bad decision to stay in PJs all day and watch TV. After watching the Godfather part I (ummm, do you know how long that movie is?) it was time to get ready for the CEC dance...now this was the greatest part of the weekend! We had a decent turnout from both high school's in our district and the kids had the BEST time dancing the night away. Brett and i also snuck some snacks from the goodie table(bad, bad us!).

So, it's Sunday, still a rainy weekend and again we make a bad decision to not leave the house. Brett cooks breakfast ( the rest of that WONDERFUL waffle batter from last weekend) and we settle in to watch the Godfather Part II (umm, this one is two discs!). So we decide to run out for 45 minutes, no more. Here's where we go terribly wrong. After coming home, I went to the laundry room to get Brett a large Ziploc bag to marinate our pork chops in and when I open the door...there it is...water everywhere! We spent the rest of the evening sucking up water and tearing back carpet. Now this has happened before, in fact two other times since September and it stinks. But this time it is worse. Why? Because on Saturday, yes the day before yesterday we got a letter in the mail from our insurance company explaining that they will no longer cover our water issues. Really? Why do we pay you for insurance then? Anyway, after calling my Dad, pretty much bawling, he talked t Brett and I and is flying here next week to help us install a sump pump. (Yes, I know that is the problem, but our house is old and we got an estimate and do you know how much it costs? A LOT!) OK, I could really go on and on about how much this stinks, but I need to gain some perspective, and here it is:

When Brett and I sat down to dinner last night and I looked across the table and I saw someone that through something as crappy as this still makes me smile, everything will be OK. If this is the worst we are dealt right now, so be it, because I have something in my life that a lot of people search for and never find. Brett and I, we're pretty good together. Our basement on the other hand....ummmmm, anyone interested in buying a charming little house???


lesley said...

Sorry to hear about your basement!!! :(

It absolutely stinks when something goes wrong like that and you have to spend WAY more money than you ever planned. I'm glad you were still able to be thankful for each other! You are truly blessed to have someone that despite everything will still make you happy : )

Good luck with everything!

Preppy 101 said...

Your perspective on things if wonderful! but I know how disheartening those kinds of problems are!! Thank goodness for dad!! xoxo

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Oh no! This happened to my boyfriend's parents while they were away once, so we got the lovely job of cleaning it up. NOT FUN! I hope it all works out - and you're right, it could be SO much worse!

Sam said...

You truly amaze me with your positive outlook! If it had been us, I would not have looked at it that way and Matt would have had to build his own ark and live in it....because of course, it would have been his fault somehow!

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