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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thanks Friends! and a basement update!

Thanks to all the well wishes, via the blog, Facebook, email, calls etc. We are blessed to have such great friends willing to offer so much support. Look what was on my desk this morning:

{This is where a picture of a Hershey bar filled with caramel, a bag of M&Ms, a bag of peach rings, and a tin of Blue Diamond Soy and Wasabi Almonds in a black and white bag with a hilarious card SHOULD be but I keep forgetting my camera because it is buried in the mess in the basement}

Thanks Natalie! You made my day...now we will see how long it takes to eat all this candy!!!

My Dad has booked a flight and arrives next Tuesday morning and is staying until Friday morning! How exciting is that?!?! He is actually going to check some tools at the airport so he will have what he needs. He is going to install 1, maybe 2, sump pumps, and our fingers are crossed that it works. If it does that is a lot of $$$ still in our wallets! The company came this morning to begin the drying process so we are officially (again) living only in the upstairs of our house. That part really stinks!

On another note, I can tell I am reaching my breaking point. I yelled, no maybe flipped out is the better description, at a student this morning. Although it was not entirely unwarranted, that is SO unlike me. In addition, I am giving a presentation to a group of regular ed. teachers tomorrow on student with Asperger's Syndrome. I created and gave this presentation last year, but it has been since then that I have done anything with ti. With everything on my mind, I can't seem to run through the whole thing. I keep practicing bits and pieces so I am really getting anxious.

On a more positive note, the insurance cancellation is not effective until May 12, so there is a chance we might be covered for something. And, I downloaded my runs this morning to nikeplus.com and the runs I thought I had lost magically reappeared. So I have 11 runs logged. Yeah!

Well, God never gives us more than we can't handle. Although, I feel ready to crack, we are hanging in there!


lesley said...

What a fun thing to find on your desk to brigthen your day : )

Good luck with everything yet to come ... don't forget that usually when you feel like you're going to completely fall apart the most, is right before things all of a sudden get put back together ... keep hangin' in there!! : )

momma said...

well, instead of the song,"It never rains in California", i keep singing to you ,"It never floods in Pennsylvania"!! Just kidding honey. i hope you were able to find some humor in that!!! Dad will be packed with your chipped ham, a new dress that i bought you, & a trat for brett- & puppies!! lovey, momma

Preppy 101 said...

Fingers crossed that all of this works!! Keep us posted! Good luck on your presentation tomorrow - I am sure you will do great!!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Oh, I love your little exercise person! Cute...and Wasabi/Soy Almonds are currently sitting next to me on the sofa - yum! Don't stress too much about flipping out on the student - I'm sure it was nothing! It's good for them, ha! Good luck with everything - you're doing great!

Anonymous said...

OK, do you know how close we are to Manayunk?

Anonymous said...

That was Aunt Z

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