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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Good morning! Here I sit, again, supervising Saturday detention. The kids are a little restless this morning because my asking them to be quiet is competing with the fact that the Kiwanis Club is having a pancake breakfast right down the hall. Torture? or Justice? HAHAHAHA!!!

Last Saturday Brett and I went shopping for a little present for me - a small, light weight vacuum for my hardwood floors and kitchen. We found one and I think I am in love! We ended up choosing the Dirt Devil Vibe Quick Vac. Although it is bright purple and I don't love that, it was only $50 at Target and does exactly what I wanted which is to suck up dog hair. Love it!

My Dad left Friday morning and I was quite sad. He did so much work for us! In addition to installing the TWO sump pumps, he installed a new kitchen faucet, replaced our refrigerator water filter, replaced this thing under our kitchen cabinets, fixed a small leak in our downstairs shower, and waxed our kitchen cabinets. I feel like he did some other things too, but I can't remember right now! Brett and I were laughing at how motivating it is to have him around. We were working on projects that we had either wanted to do for a while or started and hadn't finished. I just can't wait until the weather gets nice to start working in the yard! Brett and I really don't know how to thank him for everything he did. My Dad is tough to shop for but we really want to show our appreciation for flying out on such short notice to help. I think even the dogs miss him!

Tuesday night, I made Reuben Pizza for dinner to celebrate St. Patty's Day. I had made It before and although it tasted good, it was laughable. This time, it turned out restaurant quality!

Lucy, Brett and Tucker with their St. Patty's Day beads on....

Last night, the girls and I went out to celebrate Natalie's birthday. We tried a new Mexican restaurant, La Hacienda in Naperville. It was too cute inside. Nat loved her presents - a basket of all her favorite candy, cuts and tea from Sam, the Sound of music DVD from Jess and a bottle of wine and gardening stuff from me. If you have read previous posts about Natalie, you may remember she is the greatest person in the world to give a gift to!

So not, too much going on the rest of the weekend. We still have lots of work to do to get the house back in order, but I'm sure we'll have fun in the process!


momma said...

the margaritas look luscious. lovey, momma

lesley said...

Aren't dads the greatest?? My dad has helped us TONS, too.

Glad your vacuum is sucking up the dog hair successfully! : )

Have a great weekend!! : )

Jon and Steph said...

How awesome of your dad to help with all of those things! Dad's are the best.

I may need to look into that vacuum, if it works well on wood floors I'd LOVE it! It is such a pain to sweep our entire house.

Sounds like you had a fun weekend!
I love Mexican food, I could literally eat it everyday.

Preppy 101 said...

What a huge relief to have all that work done! Plus, you had some time with your dad! Fabulous!! xoxo

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