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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some good eats!

It seems as thought this summer, I have not got to do a lot of something that I love and that is cook. The training plan that Brett and I are following has us running every night during the week and since he gets home so late, we usually end up with something quick and easy when we get back. This week, though, we were in for two yummy treats. Last Sunday we had the perfect day...one of those that you sit and quietly pray would never come to an end. After our long run in the morning, we enjoyed coffee and donuts (thanks Nat and Jase!) on the patio and then spent the afternoon reading on our new lounge chairs. When our bellys started growling loud enough to hear, Brett fired up the grill and made some amazing steaks while I boiled some of the best corn ever ( Mirai corn from the Wheaton French Market, but there early, it goes fast). Doesn't this look like a happy boy ready to eat some meat!
We also had some tasty wine (in the backgorund) with such a clever name - Vin De City Red :-)
Last night, I tried a new recipe that Sam had given to me from her Rachael Ray magazine: Chili Stuffed Zucchini. Click the link for the recipe, but I did make a few changes and have some ideas for next time. First, I used ground turkey instead of beef. I also had no idea what pickled jalapenos were so I used regular slices like you would put in nachos. Next time i would buy the hot ones thought because they didn't have much of a kick. The recipe also suggested that you could sue potatoes instead of zucchini, but I really like the zucchini! I would definitely make this again, but I think I would go with an Italian taste for a change. Season the meat with some basil and oregano, use mozzarella cheese and maybe even sprinkle on some bread crumbs. Very tasty and the possibilities are endless. And last, this was the fabulous snack I had yesterday afternoon that allowed me to beat my four mile time by two minutes! Water, shades, and some light reading only made it better...
Fresh banana, organic cottage cheese, and a dark chocolate granola cookie, Mmmmmm!!!!

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momma said...

i hope you found that book rather than paid a cent that will go to that crazy couple that wants to get rich by raising their kids on national tv. love ya, momma

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