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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The big 3-0...

today, i turn 30.
i said it. 
it doesn't bother me. 
i belive that age is nothing but a number.

as i enter this whole new decade it's so fun to look back and see what my 20s gave to me. they gave me my first time away from home at a beautiful college and a chance to make some lifelong friends. they gave me a college degree that allowed me to do what i love; allowed me to offer a gift that i have to children and young adults with special needs. they gave me fun times with my family, both at home and on vacations.
they gave me a trip a to myrtle beach where i was young and wild and free with those lifelong friends and where i met a young man named brett. they gave me a job right out of college where i gained some confidence in my profession even though i made little money. they gave me the chance to watch my "little" brothers grow up (they were 8 and 10 when i entered my 20s and now they're 18 and 20). my 20s gave me a wedding that was more beautiful and memorable than i deserved. i had my mom and dad beside me as well as so many friends and family to watch me marry my best friend. they gave me the chance to leave my family a strong and confident young woman and try my hand at being a wife. they led me to a new home and the opportunity to belong somewhere else, to buy a house and create a home and make new friendships that also will last a  lifetime. they gave me trips between IL and PA to spend time with those i am physically far from, but in my mind we are always together. they gave me 5 years of memories with my husband - doing so many things that we were so blessed to be able to do. they gave me my first baby, lucy, and then another, tucker, who allowed me to figure out how to care for "someone" other than myself. and finally my 20s gave me a son. they gave me the chance to be a mom and parent a sweet little boy right along side that boy i met so many years ago in myrtle beach.

what advice would i give my 20 year old self? absolutely none. the last 10 years of my life have brought me to where i am, and i wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here.

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