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Monday, August 15, 2011

O-Dawg is a quarter of a year old!

Oh, Owen! I think I will ask this question every month, but "How are you 3 months old?" I have to tell you, I've been a little more emotional approaching this monthly birthday because you are just getting so big. This week, you helped me officially pack away your three month clothes without tears by laughing at me when I told you a story about every outfit.
We love to go for walks, well, I walk and you fall asleep in the Moby.
I swear you become more of a person each day. You smile so much now and your laugh makes your daddy and I crack up every time. You are becoming more vocal and more independent. You continue to LOVE your activity gym and I can leave you playing in your room all by yourself. You entertain yourself by grabbing at all the toys, kicking your music box and yelling so loud. I still read to you every day and you are starting to make it more difficult because you grab at the pages. This morning, you wrapped your little fingers around the pinwheel on your changing table and threw it over your head. We both laughed.

You LOVE to be naked!
This month, we have spent more time at home and worked at you getting used to eating, playing and sleeping on a schedule. You took to it so easily! You eat every three hours like clockwork and if I am late feeding you, you let me know! We are still tweaking your bed time because as you continue to play more and more during the day, you are tired at night. You are going to bed now between 7:30 and 8:00 and you sleep until 4:00/ 4:30.
Just one of your funny new faces 
You are more aware of the puppies now, and I think you have a special relationship with Tucker. Lucy isn't interested in you quite yet, but I think that will change when you become mobile. Tucker doesn't leave your side. He lays at your feet while you play and you love to kick the heck out of him an rub your tootsies through his fur. When you nap, he naps in your room on your chair.

Highlights this month

Your first trip to the Bean.
Hanging with Camille in the backseat after our long day in Chicago
Your puppies are always close even during a smelly diaper change.
You think Dad is the funniest thing in the world! You guys have a routine - every night when dad gets home he takes you downstairs and makes you laugh your head off!
You are turning into our little man...

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