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Monday, August 15, 2011


All last week, I was looking forward to Saturday night. Brett and I were going out. Like, for real. We were meeting at Natalie and Jason's house and there would be a BABYSITTER to stay with Owen and Camille. They love each other, so even Owen was looking forward to it.  I was so excited I was even stressing over what to wear. Saturday evening came, and I was ready. Dressed by 3:00 and diaper bag packed (with everthing the boy could need for a month). We got to their house about 5:00, and walked in....

There was  no babysitter, but rather tons of our friends there to celebrate!
I was absolutely shocked! Everyone asked if I had any clue about the party and I really didn't. The only thing that I had thought a bit off was that Brett had not asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I leave this weekend for two weeks. That's unlike him since he usually has something in mind. I also told everyone that had I known anything about the party, 1.) I would not have walked in wearing my hideous yellow raincoat and 2.) I would have changed Owen out of his poopy clothes before we left the house.

The party was a blast. Brett ordered way too much food from Portillo's, extra chopped chicken salad just for me, and Natalie did an amazing job (as always) of creating such a warm and fun party atmosphere. Her house is always beautiful and she put on quite a spread of munchies and desserts.

It's amazing how things have changed though. Most of the guests had to leave early, because well, bed time for little ones is not to be missed. Owen was an angel and slept on their bed until midnight so we could celebrate a bit later.

Over and over, I continue to be amazed by the generosity and friendships that our friends provide. It was wonderful celebrating this milestone with everyone!
Thanks to my mom, there was a wonderful picture on the cake from my freshman year in high school!

Our little man did a great job of keeping the secret!

To top off this fabulous weekend, Brett told me Saturday night that I would be spending Sunday at the Coldwater Creek Spa, a combination "Happy birthday" and "New Mommy" gift. It was heavenly!!!

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Emmy said...

That's awesome, what a great husband & great friends! :) Love the freshman year pic, heehee!

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