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Friday, August 19, 2011


I can't wait for this weekend! My family will be together again for the first time since June. Ben has been at basic training in Fort Benning for 9 weeks and graduated yesterday. Our whole family is so proud of him!

On Saturday, Scotty starts a new chapter  - college. We all have no doubt he will make the best of it and have a wonderful time. We only hope he remembers why he's there (love you buddy!).

So, we are driving to Dayton early Saturday morning to help scotty move in and spend our first family weekend together in quite a while. It is bittersweet because while I can't wait to see them all, there comes the realization that my "little" (they are both like 9 feet tall) are growing up. Most likely we won't all be under the same roof again until the holidays. I am so proud of both of them in such unique ways. They couldn't be more different, but so special in their own way. Ben has always been known as  gentle giant. He is soft spoken and carries himself with grace. Scott has always been the one with "the personality". He can walk into a room and everyone instantly loves him. They both have so much to offer and will do great things, no doubt! 

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Anonymous said...

Have fun! Laugh like crazy. Give hugs for me. Really, give your Mom a giant hug, look her the eyes and tell her it's an Aunt Zoey hug! Love you all.

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