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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Birthday Recap

Brett wanted to blog about his birthday but he hasn't had time and I wanted everyone to know what a wonderful evening we had. So, should he choose to give you his version, I may delete this post but for now...

So. Fun. We did something we have never done before in terms of traveling to dinner. Brett took his normal train home and got off at the Elmhurst stop. I got on the train in Wheaton ad took it to Elmhurst....it was like the movies, getting off the the train and seeing the love of my life standing in the rain waiting for me. Anyway, we went to dinner at 100 South, a steakhouse in Elmhurst with a feeling of dining with the Rat Pack.Pictures covered the walls of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Marylin Monroe, etc. (the restaurant gets very mixed reviews on local web sites, so I guess you either love or hate the place). We had a great experience. Granted it was a Monday night and it was very slow, but our waitress was sweet and we were immediately served warm rosemary topped bread. Brett order the special - a peppercorn/ Bleu Cheese Steak with garlic mashed potatoes and I had London Broil with a mushroom sauce and LOADS of mushrooms. I looked at Brett and told him that there would definitely come a time that I would experience severe cravings for that meal! It truly was wonderful, although if you can't tell, I don't know how great of a food critic I am because I like most anything. After dinner, the waitress brought a HUGE piece of ice cream cake to Brett with a sparkler candle lit. He made a wish and the night was complete. Almost!

We took the train home where a pile of presents was waiting for the birthday boy. Brett is like a little kid when it comes to presents. He loved everything - a Walter Peyton jersey from Cari, and from me and dogs, a new summer suit, a bottle of Maker's Mark, a big Hershey Kiss, a book, and a Southwest gift card with the promise to visit his good friend,Paul, very soon!

Brett reading the poem I wrote him for his trip to DC to see Paul.

Happy birthday, Brett! May the next year only be better than the last!

Tucker thought the party was for him with all the wrapping paper everywhere!

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