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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Puppies love Christmas too!

Have I started a post like this yet, "I love Christmas!". I do, I really, really do in case you haven't gotten that yet. I L.O.V.E. buying presents and I love giving presents. I really try to not leave anyone out and this includes the puppies - Lucy Belle and Tucker Boy! They love Christmas too. Lats year we wee convinced that Tucker was part human the way he tore into his presents! You saw what he did to Brett's birthday wrapping paper! Anyway, my favorite place to shop for them is a little store in Naperville called Two Bostons. It sits right on Washington next to Potbelly however they have opened a second location on W 75th that I have not been to yet . The owners are wonderful people which makes me enjoy shopping there even more.

Now, what do they carry - EVERYTHING! Seriously if you need something for your dog (or cat but they specialize in dogs) they have it. Toys, treats, clothes, collars, jewelry, you name it they have it. And since it is Christmas, it is an even better time to shop there due to their 12 Days of Christmas specials (everyday there is a SUPER deal on a different product). Yesterday I got BOGO bully sticks which are the best "bone" for dogs that like to chew because they actually last for a very long time. Two Bostons also carries a great line of dog toys called Tuffy Toys. Tuffies have a Tuff Scale which rate how "tuff" they really are. On Lucy and Tucker's list, the Octopus! This thing is TUFF!

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