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Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Monday!

Because I am struggling to come up with reasons why I should be wishing you all a happy Monday, I decided to make a list. But first, "Why am I not happy?" - several reasons...

  1. We had an ice storm last night; it was so bad that the back door to house was frozen shut. It was 5 degrees driving to school. Poor Brett had to walk through the city in that weather! I want to be home cuddled on the couch with some hot chocolate with Brett and the puppies.
  2. I am having severe mouth issues. I have a wisdom tooth coming in that has decided to hurt. It has also irritated the gum around it on the top of my mouth and the inside of my cheek.
OK, those are really the only two reasons that this is not a happy Monday. So here is the better list...Why is it a Happy Monday?
  1. We had a great weekend. See previous post about Friday. Saturday Brett helped me with our 1st Annual Cookie Bake A Thon. Although the first two kind we made did not turn out...it was loads of fun! On Sunday Sam and Matt came over to watch football. Good food, good friends, and a Steelers win!
  2. Today is our last full day of classes before finals. I get to wear jeans and sweatshirts the rest of the week and the kid go home at 1:15 everyday.
  3. Brett went Christmas shopping on Saturday and I CAN NOT WAIT to open my presents.
  4. For some reason my Mom thought we were not coming home until Dec. 26 for Christmas...uhhh, no! We will be there the 23rd. Now, she is SO happy we will be there for her birthday (12/24).
  5. Actually, I have so many things I am happy about. The weather and the mouth pain kind of have me down, but Christmas is probably my favorite time of year. I have so many wonderful people in my life and things to be thankful for that it certainly is a

Happy Monday!

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