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Monday, December 8, 2008

Merry Happy Christmakuh

Saturday December 6, was our good friends, The Berger's, Annual Christmakuh party. A combination of a Christmas and Hanukkah if you couldn't figure that out. Liz and Adam live in the city so Brett and I took the train downtown and had a wonderful evening of good friends, good food, and some good drinks. Now, when I say good food, this goes beyond most party fares. Liz and Adam love to cook and they go all out for their get togethers. I wish I had a picture of everything, but only my favorite - a baked brie with maple syrup and pecans wrapped in a pastry dough (picture to left). Heaven! In addition, there were mini Capreses, Artichoke/ Crab dip, Chicken, Ham, corn casserole, Spanakopitas, Latkes, and for dessert mini Pecan Pies and a Chocolate Fruit tart (picture to right)...everything homemade of course. After trying everything there was to eat we had a gift exchange, the one where you get to steal, and Brett and I were quite happy with what we ended up with - he a Music Catch Phrase game and me 15 Scratch off tickets (I won 2 free tickets and $52!!!). Liz and Adam are the best hosts and great friends.

We wish them and everyone a very happy holiday season.

The boys enjoying their presents...

Caroline (Adam's sister), Adam, and Liz

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Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a message on the Berger web site that i would love the recipe for the baked brie- but it is way too complicated for me!! It seems that 'cuz i am not a blogger & do not have a password, I was not able to leave a comment. So please, M. & B.- get the recipe so Bretty can make it for my xmas eve birthday celebration!!! love, momma

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