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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmakuh in the City

Ummm...I apologize but it seems the Bergers are taking over our blog. Liz and Adam - you have your own blog...post on it! Just kidding! We had another amazing night in the city last night and I had to remark that we have been spending so much time with them that their pictures are all over our blog. So, I am going to have to issue them a direct challenge to post regularly on Berger World. Click on their link and leave them encouraging comments.
So, yesterday was the Menges and Molzahn Holiday party. Unfortunately spouses are not invited and it is held during the day, so I could not attend, but Brett seemed to have a great time. Everyone in the office enjoyed lunch together and exchanged Secret Santa and White Elephant gifts. Afterward they were off to the Shedd Aquarium for a lovely day of fish watching and dragon observing. Unfortunately the dolphins and beluga whales had been moved and Brett was a bit disappointed. I took the train to the city and met Liz in her office and then we met the boys at Rosebud (excellent happy hour if you're ever looking for a good place in the Loop). When we left we walked around Daley Plaza to see the tree and smell the smells of Christkindlmarkt, the Christmas market that sells yummy treats and various chatzkies from around the world. We cabbed it to La Madia, a restaurant Liz and Adam recommend that turned out to be fabulous. It is a pizza place, but nothing like Pizza Hut. The pizza is thin crust with a variety of gourmet toppings. We enjoyed triple pepperoni with truffle oil and another with stinky cheese and grapes. That's not really what ti was called but I can't remember the fancy name for the cheese or the grapes. We thought about leaving but then decided to head over to The Kerryman for one last cocktail. Adam and Brett entertained Liz and I with their not so smooth dance moves to the tunes of Christina, Brittany and the like.

Another fun evening with the Bergers that makes Brett and I yearn just a little more to live in the city.


Preppy 101 said...

I don't think Lipstick Jungle is cancelled! That rumor went around and then there was a report that it was not cancelled!! No, Victory and Joe did not disappoint last night...I want them to stay together :) But poor Wendy and hubby - and what about Griffin and Nico!? Can't believe Griffin has a heart!!! :) Wow... funny how Kirby all of a sudden seems so juvenile compared to how he appeared when they were dating!
My PD and I came to Chicago last spring and I loved it there!! We stayed at the Four Seasons on Michigan Ave. It was the best time ever!!

Hollie said...

Great pics! Sounds like a great time!

Love the pic of the guys....dancing?!

Gern Blanston said...

According to my tracking software, employees of Brett's office you work at have spent 26.3 hours per week checking the comments on this blog, and that is bad for productivity, therefore, we are buying a big HD TV.

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