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Friday, January 2, 2009

A Brownlee/ Clancy Family Christmas!

So after the big Christmas Eve/ Mama's birthday celebration it was to bed with us all. I am like a little kid at Christmas and could not wait until the next day to open gifts. You would think it would get less exciting the older we get but, NOPE!

We woke up and it was very apparent that Santa had been good to us. Mama Kate played Santa and passed out presents and then we all took turns opening gifts!
As I mentioned in an earlier post, my Dad had surgery on his neck the Monday before Christmas. He has to wear a neck brace so we propped him up on Christmas morning and surrounded him with presents...I think he looked like another Christmas tree.
The highlight of Ben's Christmas...his Mac Book!

Scotty's Christmas...a long wooden stick! It is actually a lacrosse shaft but it looks like a stick to me.

And, Brett and I got a Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Lucy and Tucker got coordinating hoodies. Lucy's hood kept falling down and she walked around like she was blind.

When all the gifts were open we left for church and returned to quickly get ready to head to Grandma's. Upon arriving there were more presents to be opened and a delicious meal to be eaten! We got home with enough time to relax on the couch and enjoy the lights on the tree.


Preppy 101 said...

What an awesome Christmas! Do you love the Wii?? I can assure Ben that he will love his MacBook! I have one and love it! Happy New Year!!

momma said...

Again, my son-in-law is wonderful!!! The best turkey that i have ever tasted (don't tell my mother-in-law!!) And, YES, the coconut cake was exquisite! To all of Marissas friends in the Chicago area- isn't she just wonderful?! I hear so much about you- I thank you for being there for her. I remember when she first moved out there & didn't know anyone- she called home from the school parking lot -only a half day at school- & said that she didn't have any friends!! That broke my heart & of course, I offered to drive out & bring her home!!! but it didn't take long before she found herself surrounded by so many great friends- & for that, I am thankful. And Marissa, thanks for not putting the really bad pics of me on the blog! love, mamma

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