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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

My Mom's birthday is on Christmas Eve which kind of stinks for her. We used to have a tradition of going to a local hot dog place but it moved locations and it is not as good so this year Brett and I decided to cook her a yummy dinner to celebrate. We had the boys - Big Ben and Scotty - in the kitchen and we cooked all day. The dinner was reminiscent of a few meals Brett and I have cooked recently and came out just as yummy! Mom was extremely grateful and had a wonderful birthday!

There was Brett and I, the Brownlee Fam (Mama Kate, Big Ben, Scotty and Papa Ed) and my grandparents came in for dinner. We had fun hanging out, eating too much, drinking some good homemade wine, and opening gifts. Mom LOVED her calendar that we made on Snapfish for her!

Over the next few days Mom told everyone that we ran into about her dinner. She went on and on about how wonderful the food was and how no one has ever cooked her a dinner for her birthday. The funny things was that the story started like this every time, "I have the best son in law in the world. He cooked the best dinner for me for my birthday!" After about 4 days of telling the story, I eventually got credit for the cake, but that was it.If you didn't know better, you would have thought Brett did it all. He got quite a kick out of that! No one can take credit though - it was team effort. Big Ben and Scotty learned a few things about the kitchen, Brett made the turkey and I was the supervisor (although I did make that awesome coconut cake!).

Happy Birthday Mama!

(Ben enjoyed a whole turkey leg all to himself)


Preppy 101 said...

What an awesome thing to do for your mom!!

Anonymous said...

After viewing the pics of our xmas eve dinner- i realize just how laid back & informal we were this year. With hubby's surgery- & my sister was in the hospital for 2 weeks- i surely didn't bother with any fancy details.& surprise- xmas came anyway- & it was wonderful being with our loved ones.

Emmy said...

:OMG, when did your brothers grow up???

It looks like you had a nice Christmas :)

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