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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In search of the perfect running shoe...

Brett and I have made a 2009 resolution to start leading a healthier lifestyle! We figured out that we are OK from January through May. We don't do well in the summer or in the four months leading up to Christmas....so, this year will be different! We are off to a good start and have worked out for the past three days as well as made some lifestyle changes at home. Go us!

As a jump start, Brett purchases the iPod Sport kit for me for Christmas. This handy device plugs into my iPod and a piece goes in my running shoe. It then tracks my miles, pace, calories, etc. which I can download to the computer. Awesome, right? Well, the only catch is that Apple and Nike have this little deal and the piece that goes in your shoe only fits into Nike + shoes. NO, biggie...I found the perfect new pair of running shoes, which I need anyway. My dilemma - I can not find them in the color that I want ANYWHERE!!!! Here they are:

Vomero +3 Women's Running Shoe, Color: White/ Dark Red - Metallic Silver

Style/ Color # - 318595-161

I have to wait about a half hour until I can have a live chat with someone from Nike to hopefully help me find these, but in the event any of you fab Internet shoppers know where i could find these hard to find beauties, please let me know.

In the meantime, happy healthy living!

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