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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week in Review

Well, it seems like the past week has been a whirl wind but when I actually think about it it doesn't seem as if that much has happened.
Last week we got some snow and then we got some cold and then we got some more cold. By Thursday school was cancelled and it was -12 when I took Brett to the train station. Friday brought another cancellation and another dip in the temperature...-19 on the way to the station that morning.
Two extra days off did made things a little easier. Puro Clean came Thursday and after 5 hours of work, our basement is dry, the carpet is down and we could again live in our basement. Thursday night, Natalie and I helped Sam to clean her closet. I may ask her for the before and after pics to post but I am not sure if she will be willing. It was pretty bad but she has promised to keep it clean. Way to go Sam!

Friday I spent the entire day putting the house back together. Christmas presents still needed put away, the office disassembled, the entire basement cleaned, well, you get the picture. Brett came home early and we left for a long drive to Minnesota to visit our friends, the Hoolis.

Saturday was their son Brendan's 2nd birthday party. It was very fun but Brett and I just stood back taking in all the 2 year olds. As always, the boys stayed up way to late, drank way to much, and had TONS of fun! We drove home Sunday night and made it all the way without receiving any info. on the Steelers game. We recorded it and watched our Steelers win another one which means...another Super Bowl!!!

Monday, Brett and I were both off and we decided to take a mental health day. We spent all day cuddled on the couch catching up on TV we have recorded and new movies.

We are struggling a bit to keep up our workout routine and I am very dismayed that last night my sensor for my Nike iPod Sport kit would not work. Baby steps though!

I am not one to talk politics but Nina directed her readers to a post that really touched me. Yesterday I was proud to be an American as I always am, but this post makes a lot of sense. I wish Barack Obama all the success in the world as our new president because his success means success for us as a nation. We need to remember though, he is human, and he is only our president. Read for yourself!



loved the last line of this post! very true.

Sam said...

I will send you the pictures of the closet....my shame can be made public because it has stayed clean for a week!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

-19? That's worse than Omaha, ick! I'm so excited about the Superbowl as well, but not so much because of the teams - I'm not a huge pro-sports fan, but love the party that surrounds, it ha!

momma said...

marissa: thanks for not sharing my closet ..alias..."Macy's Express"!

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