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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, here we are. In Chicago. AND IT IS COLD. Our basement is still damp. It is still snowing. And, it is only getting colder. To sum it up, here are the first two emails I sent this morning. Yeah, I am hard at work, sitting at my desk, coat and scarf still on sipping hot coffee and trying to burn my mouth with oatmeal to feel a bit warmer.

From: Marissa
To: Natalie
Subject: Wednesday Ramblings
"Well, good snowy morning! Snow day? What? I actually woke up thinking we didn't have school because I had had a dream that I received a call. I. AM. FREEZING. Today is the day they assured me the basement would be dry. 4:00 is D Day…I may kill the people from Puro Clean. I have a present for you – movies. Brett said only you can watch them because he in no way wants to contribute to Jason’s happiness. Happy Hump Day!

From: Marissa
To: Sam

"I absolutely will not be coming to visit this morning. You would have to drag me out there on a dog sled to get me to go back outside. Hate. This. Need. Warm. Weather. Seriously, I think there is something mentally deficient with all of us who live in this god forsaken place during the winter. I mean really…how much snow is one person supposed to take. "

1 comment:

Piper Jacquelyn said...

As a fellow sufferer I fully understand your post. It physically hurt to fill my lungs with air while outside today. I hate this.

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