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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

I come home to find that the dogs have eaten 18 Reese Cups. I know it was 18 because I counted all of the little white paper squares that the cups sit on.

I notice the squirrels have made a meal out of one of our pumpkins.

I take the dogs outside for a fun, Fall photo shot and they do not cooperate.

I finally get a few good shots and the dogs spend the rest of the evening going insane every time a trick or treater comes to the house.

Lucy eventually throws up some chocolate, grass she ate while we were outside, and several of the many, many treats I gave her while trying to take her picture. Later that evening, I agree to watch scary movies with Brett. We watch
The Strangers and my (ir)rational fear of a home invasion is brought to life on the big screen.
Brett rests his head on Lucy throughout the movie to monitor her breathing.

The day after, the dogs recuperate from their Halloween Hangover...

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