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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Thank goodness it's the weekend...Have you ever heard the very confusing commercial where the guy tries to change the days of the week to make the weekend longer. You know the “Thursday is the new Friday” idea? Oh, how I wish there was a way!

Brett had a continuing ed class yesterday, so he was home early. Funny scenario: he told me how the class was via video shown at a law firm on the South side so there were only a handful of people. One guy read the paper the whole time, another read and texted, another tried to pay attention but eventually fell asleep, and another guy watched and then said he had to make some calls and never came back. Why do I not have seminars that I can do personal things (or LEAVE) and still get credit for it. Well, I am proud of Brett for bettering his career and paying attention.

So last night, he got home early and we decided to order pizza for dinner, shocker! Can you guess where it was from? You guessed it…is it bad that I know exactly how much it is going to cost before they give me a total? $15.60. I attempted to make Brett brownie cookies. New recipe that I did not read correctly and I am again reminded of the Golden Rule when it comes to baking: When you bake, you can not act like you are cooking and “adjust” ingredients/ measurements because that’s how you think it should be made. Baking is simple, as long as you follow the recipe. Needless to say my cookies are about as thin as a piece of paper.

We then ventured out to Jos. A. Bank to look at some new suits for the attorney of the Team. Well, Brett made “Roger’s” day - walked in, picked out three suits, and walked out. (I looked on their website for pictures of them but they are just all shown in black. He got this REALLY great one in a taupe color with light blue and almost yellow stripe running through it..very handsome! He also got a chocolate brown and black pinstripe.) Unfortunately, two of them are on back order and the one they did have has to be tailored, so, although he picked out the suits and paid for them, he went home empty handed. Shopping is not as much fun when you don’t get to bring your stuff home, but he is happy and that is all that counts. Plus, he looks quite handsome in his new threads!!!

Just so you know, I am posting from Saturday detention this morning. I must have done something rght this week because the kids are behaving like angels. I secretly fear that they are plotting a take over as in The Breakfast Club gone bad. ..

Dinner out tonight and football tomorrow…woo hoo!!


Anonymous said...

I was cracking up out loud over this post and I especially enjoy the fact that you posting from Sat Detention!

Sam said...

I actually got a voice mail from Pizza Hut yesterday.....when they start leaving you messages that's when you know you have a problem!!!

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